Thursday, September 14, 2006


Today was lawyer day. Our Panamanian lawyer is in David, which is about 30 miles or so from Boquete. David is a smaller version of Panama City: horns blaring, traffic noises everywhere, cars and trucks scurrying hither and yon.

Signs proclaiming street names are not in abundant supply, anywhere in Panama. When looking for an address for the first time, you ask someone. Even if you speak and understand no Spanish, people are very helpful. They point, they draw circles or other shapes with their hands, and you eventually get to where you wish to be.

Or, you flag down a cab. For a dollar or two, the cabbie will lead you to your destination. One dollar goes a long way in Panama.

Phil and Temy and I had lunch in a grand old hotel in David and chatted. We spoke of things that are, and of things that will be. We all get along well, and I am grateful for that. It will make a huge difference in the execution of our plans, if we all interact as friends, as well as partners.

Tomorrow, we will be meeting a bunch of potential investors at 'Olga's,' for breakfast. Fortified with her delicious cooking, we will all drive to Rovira Arriba, to look at our Roca Milagro project. We will share cool drinks in the shade of the orange grove on our property, and we will enjoy ourselves. Interesting people, in an exotic setting, in a beautiful country -- what could be better? We will have fun.

It is difficult, sometimes, for me to leave Panama. By Sunday, I have to be back in Panama City for my flight home. I do look forward to seeing my wife and son again, and to finding out how my son his doing at high school. Still, this is a difficult place to leave behind. I console myself with the knowledge that we have accomplished so much, in such a short time, and that there will be many more trips to Panama in the future.

For now, I am here, and I am enjoying myself. I'll worry about other things tomorrow, or the next day, or next week, or...



  1. This sounds like such a wonderful project. I love the exotic locale, and hearing about your goals and dreams. May they begin coming true "aujourd'hui".

  2. Thanks, Bellezza. I'm having a blast and I gladly accept well wishes. I can use all of the goodwill available to me. I hope to have some pix of Panama posted next week when I am back home.

  3. I've been following your trip, but not commenting much. Sounds lovely, though!