Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Full Circle

It's Tuesday night and I'm back at the Boquete Garden Inn. It has been an eventful day. Phil and I had lunch with a very interesting gentleman from Florida. He has had many fascinating experiences, and seems to be a kindred spirit. He shares our vision of a natural environment at our Roca Milagro project and has some very novel ideas of using bamboo as one of our landscaping ingredients. Phil and Temy and I all love bamboo. It grows well in Panama, and is beautiful to look at. It would be great to put those ideas to work.

We'll see. The man is touring the property with us all on Thursday, and may invest with us, buy building lots, or both. He would be welcome in any way he chooses to participate. We immediately felt comfortable with him, and that is one of my key tests. I never do business with people who wouldn't be welcome in my home, or at my side facing life's inevitable ups and downs. I don't like liars, cheats, shirkers, malcontents, or even people with bad manners.

We were also privileged to meet and dine with Pauline Jones (www.panamajones.com,) the wife of Bill Jones, the man who introduced Phil to the property. I never met Bill in person, but spoke to him on the telephone and corresponded by email. Bill passed away suddenly, and I felt honoured to meet Pauline, her daughter and granddaughter. We had a lovely evening together and it was almost as if Bill were there with us, listening to our stories, dreams, and memories. Sorry I never got to know you better, Bill. Pauline will also tour the property with us on Thursday, and it will be as if everything will have come full circle.

Tomorrow it's meetings with our lawyer.

More when I can find the time.

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