Monday, May 16, 2005

Whither the Weather as Promised by Global Warming?

Promises, promises. I keep on waiting for the toasty climes promised by the global warming alarmists. Waiting and waiting and waiting. Where the hell is it? Today is the 16th of May and it is cold outside in Southwestern Ontario. I mean really cold. It has been cold for nearly a week. My son's school had their annual track and field day last Thursday and I amused myself, while waiting for my son's events, by noting and cataloguing the numerous shades of blue skin. I lost count, so I'm afraid I won't be able to add my data to the huge pile of (mis)information on the subject.

My son placed second in the 1,500 metre run. Thanks for asking.

I have pondered, over the years, why catastrophes seldom materialize as forecast. I'm not talking here about natural catastrophes like volcanoes spewing ash and lava or of earthquakes dumping a chunk of California into the Pacific Ocean. Given enough time, just about any dreadful geological event conceivable is possible. I am referring here to things like the Population Explosion, the Energy Crisis and Global Warming. By the time the 'experts' start ringing their alarm bells, inventors and business owners have already started to deal with the problem. Over time, new solutions to problems are found and things slowly get better. It has always been that way. Never underestimate the power of the human imagination, the resilience of mankind or the motivating power of the promise of the huge profits.

No, I'm not worried about an energy crisis. Long before it gets real, there will either be new discoveries of traditional fuels like oil or there will be economically feasible alternatives available. I'm not worried about a population explosion. The most populous countries (India and China) have slowed down their baby production. In North America and in Europe, we now have to depend on immigration to keep us from depopulating completely. I'm not worried about global warming. The earth will get hotter and cooler many thousands of times in the future, with or without any help from the human race.

No, I am more worried about more important things like whether my son and my nieces and nephews will be able to live in peace and relative prosperity. It's not looking too good on that front. Nutcases from around the globe are creating mayhem while trying to mold the world to their liking and our 'leaders' are spending us into bankruptcy.

Now, those are things that are truly scary.

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