Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Political Suicide or Path to Prime Minister's Office?

Stronach defects to Liberals. Canada's Conservative MP, Belinda Stronach, is a Conservative no more. In my opinion, she was a Conservative in name only anyway, and her desertion of the party banner under which she was elected to the corrupt and loony Liberals, comes as no great surprise to me. She is one every ambitious gal and the reality is that:
  • Even if Liberals are defeated in the next election because of the sponsorship scandal, they will be forgiven by most of the electorate and will soon be in power again;
  • Liberals need a leader who is seen to be charismatic and strong, especially after the namby-pamby Paul Martin leaves. Stronach has a certain cachet about her that might make people believe that she has those qualities, a sort of 'style over substance' appeal which attracts many voters. I have always believed that she has her sights set on the Prime Minister's Office and it would be more difficult for her to get there via the Conservative Party.
Let's face it folks: There is a certain masochism in the Canadian electorate. We love to be abused, stolen from, sneered at, especially at the hands of Liberal governments.


  1. Hopefully this will be the end of Belinduhs political carrer and Martins.

    I am sick and tired of liberalism in this country...

    You might be intersted in my blog..


    and you might be interested in www.freedominion.ca

    A principled conservative site..

    That is if you haven't been there.

  2. Thanks, carfix. I will have a look at both your blog and the conservative site.