Thursday, May 19, 2005

Who Cares?

Liberal-Tory showdown looms: Tonight is the night. The Liberals and the Tories go head-to-head in a confidence vote showdown in the Canadian Parliament. Not surprisingly, the NDP has aligned itself with the Liberals and the Bloc Quebecois with the Conservatives.

I would love to see the Liberals crash and burn. It is hard to imagine a sorrier bunch with a worse record. The one positive fact is that they have managed to balance the federal budget, and we should be grateful for that. The reality is that even if Stephen Harper and the Conservatives were able to force an early election, government as-we-know-it in Canada would go on, and on and on. After all, any problem, real or perceived in Canada, elicits "There ought to be a law" from Joe and Josephine Citizen. And so we get what we ask for: more and more useless laws controlling every aspect of our lives.

That ain't going to change, folks, at least not in the near future, no matter what happens in Parliament tonight.

I am going to do what many other people will do tonight. I am taking my wife and son to see Star Wars - Revenge of the Sith. When we get home, I'll have a snack and try to catch the season finale of The Apprentice on television.

Maybe I'll watch the news at 11:00PM to see what happened. Maybe not.

It's not that I don't care what is going on in our country. It's just that until more people want to take responsibility for themselves and their actions, we are not going to get responsible government. It really doesn't matter much who is in power.

See you at the movie theatre.

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