Friday, May 13, 2005

Searching for the Perfect Excuse

I have always hated whining. Here in North America, we have precious little to whine about. I'm not talking here about the griping some of us, me included, do about our escalating erosion of freedom or our ever increasing taxes. What I'm talking about, is the any excuse to escape responsibility sort of attitude so prevalent today, like: 'the dog ate my homework,' 'it's not my fault,' or 'life is so unfair.'

Folks, on average we just don't have much to whine about. Opportunities are there for the taking, but might require some sacrifice from us or at least an understanding that instant gratification is not a right, that we might have to work for and deserve what we want. Sure, we might have health or relationship problems or even problems at work. But how far do we have to look to see someone worse off than we are? How about looking here, for example.

Done? Read a few more of Dr. Adam's columns while you're at it. You may decide to be very careful about where you send your children for their post-secondary education after you read some of his experiences at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington.

I wonder if Canadian universities are any different. I somehow doubt it.

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