Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Back to the Real World

Jason writes, in a comment to my last post:

You've got to be kidding me! Bush and Kerry are absolute frauds!

I must say the Republican scare-tactics have worked again. I've seen many Libertarians run away with their tails between their legs and say, "Oh, well, I guess my candidate is going to lose, so I must vote for Bush, because heaven only knows what would happen if KERRY WON THE ELECTION.... blah blah blah"

My thought is.. What sovereign country is Bush going to invade next? How much more expansion of the central government is going to take place under Bush and his sock-puppets in congress? I guess the gulags in Gitmo and Iraq are not officially called "gulags." The only next step is to officially recognize them as such.

Jason is right about Bush and Kerry. Most politicians are frauds or worse. A certain type of person is attracted to politics. They all say they want to serve. What they really want to do is rule. They think that we can't think or act for ourselves and that we need 'leaders' to take care of those little details for us.

Jason is also right in his assertion that expansion of central government will continue unabated. That would happen no matter whether Tweedledee or Tweedledum won the election. There would be some differences in where that growth would occur and in which direction government's intrusive policies would lead the nation, but the end result would still be less freedom for the citizens of the United States.

So... do I really have an argument with Jason? After all, by his definition, I am one of those 'Libertarians run(ing) away with their tails between their legs,' as he so nicely puts it. Now I could state the obvious, that as a Canadian, I can't vote in the United States, but that would be a cop-out, wouldn't it?

Yes, I suggested in my last post that Bush should get the vote. He is, I believe, the lesser of two evils. A Libertarian vote would be a vote on principle, but would have little or no effect other than to make the voter feel better about having stood on principle.

No, I really don't have an argument with Jason. Like him, ultimately, I want to see a Libertarian government. I can't see that happening, though, in my lifetime. It will take at least a full generation to unwind the morass of laws and regulations that plague us. And that's if we really wanted to be free. A very large percentage of humans are afraid to be free, to have to think and act for themselves. They will fight any change in the direction of more freedom, in a manner completely counter-productive to their own best interests. Throughout, they will feel that they are fighting the 'good' fight for the betterment of mankind.

I think the time to put on a real Libertarian push is in 2008. Why? Given the last two squeakers (presuming that Bush has won 2004, uncertain as I write this,) the Democrats will almost definitely win in 2008. That's the time to get out the Libertarian message and get some real numbers in the Libertarian vote tally.

I helped found the Libertarian Party of Canada in 1973. I was the first elected leader of that party. I have supported Libertarian causes in Canada and the United Sates for decades. Due to our efforts here in Canada and those of other Libertarians in the United States, the rhetoric of freedom is mainstream, used by left and right alike. But that's all it is... just rhetoric. So, we have been fighting for freedom for over 30 years and what have we accomplished? Thirty years from now, will we still be asking ourselves the same question?

I think so.

I hate intrusive goverments. I hate being told what to do. I hate paying more than my share... by my definition, not someone else's. I have been fighting for freedom and lower taxes in any way I can. I'm glad that there are a growing number of people like Jason out there who feel so strongly about liberty. They will help make the world a better place, hopefully, for my son. I'm not holding my breath while waiting for things to improve in time for me to benefit personally.

Keep it up Jason. I'm counting on you.

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  1. How can we return to the real world, when we have no idea what reality is? Bush got elected because millions of American automatons followed the orders of those among them who claim they can walk on water. These are the so called fundamentalist preachers who have told their sheep that Bush is spiritually motivated. When asked if his father has given him much assistance, he has said "I get help from a higher authority." God protect us. Remember when Jimmy Swaggert was caught leaving a "house of ill repute", and was unable to make a clean getaway because a religious opponent had punctured Jimmy's car tires.
    We can only be free, when we make the personal journey to confront the reality that from infancy until now, we have been subjected to the "reality" of lesser lights. WE ARE SHEEP, and hopefully somewhere in the future we
    will find our true selves, and truly become libertarians.