Monday, November 08, 2004

Several Days Later

Well, the Presidential election in America is over and George W. Bush stays in the White House. I can't say that I am necessarily ecstatic about that fact. I am just happy that Kerry lost the election.

One thing that gives me some hope now, is that tax simplification is again being floated by Republicans appearing on the various talk shows. A flat income tax rate, or even a consumption tax to replace income taxes, would be a huge improvement. Were either system implemented in the United States, serious consideration would doubtless be given to something similar in Canada. After all, Canada's tax system would need to be competitive if we are to continue to sell into the vast U.S. market. Wouldn't things be much better without the immensely convoluted and unfair income tax systems we have in the United States and Canada?

I think so.

Today, the military assault on Fallujah is underway. I think about the soldiers, both Iraqi and American, who put their lives at risk. I think about their families. I think about innocent lives that might be lost in the assault. I think about how nice it would be if violence were never necessary, if we would all treat each other with respect and consideration.

I think about the fact that it is cold and gloomy here today and how nice it would be on a warm, sunny beach somewhere. Then I think about what is happening in Fallujah and I feel thankful for what we have in North America, problems and all.

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  1. I can share your hearfelt feelings about the Iraqi war.
    Several years ago I was selected by the Department of Defence in Canada to go to Cyprus and record in drawings and paintings, the work of our peace keepers. The reality of the experience struck me when in the darkness of an early evening, I heard the rattling of a machine gun being fired. That sound was the most frightening I've ever heard. Within a few minutes, two of our soldiers headed out of our compound to investigate who was doing the shooting, their only protection was a shining spotlight on the UN flag attached to the rear of their jeep. It was just our guys doing their job. Can you imagine what it must be like today in Fallujah?