Thursday, October 28, 2004

The Big Day

I've been very busy and somewhat distracted recently. I have 6 (!) blog posts saved as incomplete drafts. I just never seem to get the time to finish them and the content sometimes becomes irrelevant or dated over time. Today, however, I feel compelled to write a post, just in case my thoughts might have some small influence on even one or two American voters.

What is so important? Next Tuesday is November 2, election day in the good ol' USA. Reams of material have been written about both Bush and Kerry. There is hysteria galore, from across the political spectrum. Accusations fly. The spin meisters are out in full force. I believe that this could well be one of the most important elections in the history of the United States. How America votes on Tuesday will affect not only the future of the United States of America but of Canada, where I live, and just about everywhere else.

That's a rather sweeping statement, isn't it?

I do not think I am overstating the issue.

Over the past week or so, I have been having a dialogue with a friend of mine about Bush and Kerry. My belief is that it is not so much what each candidate will do as president, but more what others in the world think he might do. Bush is perceived as a cowboy, unpredictable and immutable. That is not necessarily a bad thing.

Please allow me to be a little crude here, to illustrate my point. Picture the two candidates, side by side, bent at the waist, trousers down, naked butts presented to the world. George W. Bush is mooning anyone who threatens the United States, singing to anyone who will listen, Metallica's "Don't Tread On Me."

John F. Kerry, the negotiator, the conciliator, the appeaser, is singing too. His choice is the Captain and Tenille's song from the 70's, "Do that to me one more time."

Now, which one of these guys would you rather have as president?

Sure, I would much rather see the Libertarian Party's Michael Badnarik as president, but that ain't gonna happen. The only real choice is either Bush or Kerry.

Go Bush.


  1. Is this the libertarian version of putting your best face forward? If so, I think you should take your place among the other two guys and complete the triumvirate, and give the free thinkers of the world a real choice.

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  3. That would be too much like Cinderella competing with the two ugly stepsisters. Not that I would want to run away with a prince, or anything like that. Now a princess... hmmm, that might be another story altogether.

  4. The theme song for the Kerry and Bush campaigns should be "Liar" by the Rollins Band.

  5. Good one. Lying must be part of the job description for politicians.

  6. Tomorrow I will go to the polls and vote for Badnarik. It isn't about winning or losing, it is the principle of voting to protect what little freedom I have left. If I should have to take up arms against my countrymen in a second struggle for freedom then I want to know in my heart that I exhausted every avenue available to me.

  7. I like Badnarik a lot. I just wish I could see some promise by way of a trending turn to libertarian ideals. It ain't happening, at least not in a meaningful way. Under Bush or Kerry and whoever takes their place eventually, the world is going to hell in a handbasket. Our Canadian leaders are just as bad. We may not be embrolied in a war in Canada but our liberties are otherwise dispappearing just as quickly as they are south of the border.

  8. You've got to be kidding me! Bush and Kerry are absolute frauds!

    I must say the Republican scare-tactics have worked again. I've seen many Libertarians run away with their tails between their legs and say, "Oh, well, I guess my candidate is going to lose, so I must vote for Bush, because heaven only knows what would happen if KERRY WON THE ELECTION.... blah blah blah"

    My thought is.. What sovereign country is Bush going to invade next? How much more expansion of the central government is going to take place under Bush and his sock-puppets in congress? I guess the gulags in Gitmo and Iraq are not officially called "gulags." The only next step is to officially recognize them as such.