Monday, April 20, 2009

"What will I do?"

Some Roca Milagro partners enjoying a patio breakfast at 'Olga's' in Boquete

One question I hear about moving to Panama and to our Roca Milagro development near Rovira Arriba specifically is: "What will I do?" Some people are apprehensive about being stranded in a foreign country without a lot of stimulating activities available to them.

It is a good question.

I usually begin my response by asking a question of them: "What do you do now?"

Mine is not a silly question. Most of us spend our lives in our homes or yards. We putter, watch TV, read, surf the internet, work in the garden, engage in hobbies. Occasionally, we go shopping or to a movie or out to eat.

That is what you will do in Panama if you move there. Most of the time you will spend at home and in your yard. And, unlike in much of North America or Europe, you will be able to spend time outdoors year-round, even in the rainy season. Many Panamanian homes have covered patios and one pleasure I always enjoy is sipping a coffee on a covered patio while it is pouring rain just a couple of meters away. Some dramatic thunder is a bonus.

If you do want to go shopping, depending on what you need, both Boquete and David are nearby. And, some great restaurants, featuring prices that are dramatically below what you would expect to pay for comparative meals where you live, are available in Boquete and David as well.

What if you would like to hang out with some other Americans or Canadians? You can't avoid them, they are everywhere in the area. I have met many of them and am impressed. Remember, these people, like you, have a spirit of adventure and curiosity about the world around them. Chances are, you will make many new friends, if you are the sociable type. If you want to live like a hermit, you can do that too. It's up to you.

There is a new service, at that will help you get an idea of what there is to do in Boquete and surroundings. It's a new service and the calendar isn't exactly brim-full of activities just yet, but check it from time to rime to get an idea of what is happening both in the community at large and among the expats resident in the area.

Above all, remember that in between hiking, horseback riding, white-water rafting, deep-sea fishing, swimming, snorkeling, sight-seeing, bird-watching, eco-tours, and all the other things you might wish to do in Panama, you will need some time to sit down and relax. We would love to have you join us at Roca Milagro. Maybe we'll share a drink and discuss philosophy or religion or politics or just how lucky we are to be sharing time in this beautiful community.

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