Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cocktails in Boquete

I met my partner in the Cocktails in Boquete bar yesterday, for the first time. His name is Pete. He's the crazy guy who started to build a bar in Boquete, Panama, against all odds and who welcomed Mark and John and me as partners. Mark and John: Pete's cool. Good guy, lots of ideas, pleasant, articulate, funny. My type of guy. No, I don't want to marry him. But he will be a good business partner.

I call Pete crazy because anyone who starts anything new, especially in a place like Panama, has to be at least slightly loony. Getting anything done involves lots of pleading, patience, and if you believe in such a thing, prayer. Sometimes, it seems, divine intervention is necessary to get anything done.

Pete, you did a great job. Thank you. The bar is going to be popular, successful, and you are the reason why.

There are some photos of the bar on the website at www.boquetecocktails.com. Pete has been using the bar's website as a blog to chronicle his progress (and often frustrations) in building the bar. I will have lots of photographs when I return to Canada in two weeks.

Panama is changing quickly. Lots is happening. Irresponsible people do stupid things and cause problems for those who follow. Some developers have apparently screwed up with infrastructure projects and have caused the government here to enact legislation to remedy the problem. As is usually the case, the legislation creates more (or worse) problems than existed before. Governments excel in using bazookas to kill mosquitoes. Then, to make it worse, someone has to either pick up the tab or deal with costly new 'improvements' that are quite unnecessary.

The cost of our land development project suddenly jumped by $400,000 because some developers have been taking shortcuts and not doing things properly. To prevent these things in the future, every development now has to meet new standards, whether or not they make any sense. In our case, the changes amount to a huge waste of money, but then the bureaucrats won't be paying paying the bills. They never do. Oh well. What else is new? At least I can go to Cocktails in Boquete and get myself a stiff drink if I need one.

I don't get fazed by these things. Life is a complex affair and one deals with complications. End of story.

I am having a great time here in Panama. The weather is great. Progress is being made on our development. The bar is open for service. I have met some great new people. What could be better?

I will try to post more over the coming days.


  1. well, nothing ventured....

    It's a lovely prospect in a glorious locale. Enjoy the ride.

  2. An additional 400K to the budget would have me keel over but all things are relative. It really is too bad that greedy scheisters and buffoons have made your plans that much more costly now but isn't that often the way it seems to work? What's more disconcerting to me is that they have aroused a sleeping bureaucratic giant in the process. Hopefully the above will come to appreciate your integrity and intentions as work progresses. Our best wishes, my friend.

  3. Thank you both! This is definitely a learning experience.