Friday, November 16, 2007

A Uniform Shade of Ugly

It snowed last night. It's cold and wet. Yuck. At my desk, I have my special 'Sun Light Lamp' turned on to try to fool myself that it is sunny and warm. It's not working.

I remember when I was about twelve years old laughing at the geezer next door who always complained that he was cold and that he wanted to live in a hot climate. I'm not laughing now. He ended up moving to Australia but I'm still here in Canada. I like Canadian summers but can't say that the winters are something I look forward to.

Although I was never a great fan of winter sports, I do remember building snow forts as a kid, having snowball fights and skating on ponds near our home. The cold never really bothered me then. Now, it's not really the cold that bothers me either. I rarely zip up my winter coats, in fact I think the zippers to be a nuisance. I never wear a hat, unless it is to keep the sun our of my eyes. It's not the cold, it is the feeling I have that everything is dead and dying and that the world has stopped. Green grass, red and yellow flowers, blue skies, everything is gone. Instead we have a uniform shade of grey. The skies are grey, the landscape is grey, and everything seems to blur into a mush of ugly.

Maybe that's why I love Panama and other more tropical places. There is colour everywhere. Everything is alive. And I don't have to wear socks. That alone is reason enough to seek out a warmer climate. I guess I will have to pack up my sandals for the season and dig out some socks to wear.

Yes, this has been a silly post. Why not? I'm in a silly mood. That's what snow does to me.

Have a great weekend.


  1. hehe... I hate wearing socks, therefore, I do not. But then, this IS Florida.
    We're having a cold snap this week... upper 40's at night, upper 60's during the day.

    Going to an outdoor art show this weekend. (Was that mean?)

    Hope your weekend includes sunshine!

  2. Hmmm ... maybe you need to read more Oz blogs until you can escape to Panama. It gives me a little bit of a boost to see reports from some place on the planet that is waking up while our locales are drabbing down into winter's long and stingy grip.

  3. Jean: Another sock hater! Between March and November, I never wear socks unless I have to meet a client or speak somewhere. My employees have long gotten used to my 'eccentricities.' I love outdoor art shows. They have them in Stratford, Ontario, about an hour's drive from here and we attend every year if we can.

    Lin: I visit a lot of Central and South American blogs and websites. You're right, it is nice to be involved vicariously in the lives and affairs of others who live a life much different than your own. I haven't found a good Oz blog yet, but I'm sure there are many.

  4. You are correct. Like you it is not the cold that bothers me, but the gray, leaden skies. Even a warm day in January is depressing.

  5. Hoosierboy: You and I are just going to have to invest in blue-tinted glasses. Maybe that'll fix us up!

  6. I LOVE the snow. But I am a little worried that i might get snowed in at grandpa's house in the Ozarks over the holiday weekend. We'll see...

  7. Maybe if I were in a beautiful mountain setting and could hike over pure, white snow and breathe in the clean, crisp air, I wouldn't mind it so much. Here, it is just a damn nuisance.

  8. What you've been dealing with was supposed to pay me a visit today. I'm sitting in my office in my pajamas with the heat practically off, and comfortable, but in six months, I'll be miserable.
    If climate change involves a lot less humidity, I'll be glad!

  9. Galt: if you can sit in your office in your pajamas, life is good. It doesn't get much better than that.

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  10. The geezer next door also made an impact on me when I was 12. Weird, sorta...
    Nice writing! Borris