Friday, March 23, 2007

Still here...

I haven't posted much lately, not for lack of trying but for lack of time. It seems like every time I set out to write a few words I get sidetracked by a new problem, a phone call, or an overwhelming need to play Tetris. That last occupation is what I do if I need a quick mental health break.

I read on my nephew's blog today that his sister had rolled his brother's pickup truck. No mention of injuries in his post, so I hope she's OK. I'll have to call tonight to get some more info. I imagine that everything should be alright, especially since I seem to be the last one to find out about this. Otherwise, I'm sure someone would have called me. Still, I worry. I have a great bunch of nieces and nephews and I want them to be safe and happy.

Have a great (and safe) weekend everyone.


  1. Amber's fine, as is her friend who was with her. Ther're lucky that they were driving Jessiah's big Dodge Ram though - if it had been her little car they would have been crushed. If you call I'm sure someone will give you more details, but I just wanted to let you know that yes everyone is fine.

  2. Also - I like that you play Tetris. I love that game! Have you ever played Dr. Mario? It's similar.

  3. Thanks, Jasmine, for the update. I did get hold of your dad and he brought me up to date. Thank goodness everyone is fine. The truck, I guess, is totalled, but it is only a piece of machinery.

    I've never heard of Dr. Mario, but now that you have mentioned it, I will be sure to look it up.

  4. Hi there, friend...I've been wondering where you were. Glad all is well, especially given the comments - that your family is safe.

  5. Me too, Jen, me too. We sometimes forget how important people are to us until something happens.

  6. Good to find out you're a Tetris fan.
    About wore out a GameBoy playing that game, and had to ditch it when I'd get sucked in for hours!