Saturday, March 24, 2007

Safe and accounted for...

I talked to my brother and my nephew last night. It was my nephew's pickup truck that rolled over, a week ago Friday, on Highway 401, near Woodstock, Ontario. One of his sisters was driving. She hit a patch of black ice and the truck flipped twice and landed in the median. Neither my niece nor the friend who was with her were injured beyond some bruises. The tank-like structure of the Dodge RAM truck and the fact that both were wearing seat belts saved them. Thank goodness. My niece is just about to graduate from college with a great life and career just ahead.

Because no-one was hurt, uncle Sieg (that's me) was kept out of the loop. I discovered the event through my other nephew's (the brother of the one with the pickup truck) blog.

It made me think again of the fragility of life. There are so many things that can go wrong, during the time we grace the earth, that we truly never know what to expect. I'm glad my niece and her friend are okay. I don't imagine that the accident is something they will forget for a while.

I guess my brother likes to save up all the news in his and his family's life for awhile, and tell me everything all at once. He also told me he had bought a new home on ten acres of land, near London, Ontario, and was in the process of selling his 126-acre farm near Mossley. That means that after this spring, there will be no more riding for us though his beautiful property and the conservation area behind it. I told my son about this, and he lamented the fact that there are so many changes going on in our lives. He really loved that farm, he said. He also misses the home we sold last August and doesn't like the fact that everything seems to be changing at once.

I like change, if it is good or at least neutral in nature. I like waking up in a new place. It means that there is a whole new adventure to be lived. I miss the old property we had with its many trees and shrubs and flowers, but I can't say I miss the house. It was a place to sleep. I have another place to sleep now. That is all that really matters.

It is another gloomy Ontario day here, it is cold and wet. But I am warm inside, happy because everyone is safe and accounted for.


  1. Glad to know you are still alive and well ~ and that all around you seems to be good. :)



  2. Amen. And yes, fragile, indeed. in a blink of an eye.

  3. Fragility. Word of the day. It deals much fear, sometimes, which I learned this weekend. Glad to know your neice and her friend are okay. Scary thing ,wrecks. Change is good, I believe. Me dealing with it, however, not so much.

  4. Very happy to hear that your nephew wasn't badly hurt. That omnipresent sense of fragility has come to my mind also, over the last few years. I miss the days of my youth, when I was invincible and immortal or in the very least, fearless.