Monday, March 06, 2006

Brain-dead in Hollywood

I decided to fry a few brain cells last night. Watching the Academy Awards can do that to you. Whenever you gather a bunch of left-wing nut cases in any venue, regardless of how handsome or beautiful they are, or how well they can emote and pull you into a plot line, you are likely to see and hear things that you might have preferred not to. Yesterday's experience was true to form.

There were some good moments. Salma Hayek filled out her dress beautifully. My wife drew my attention to that fact just in case I might not have noticed on my own. Several other Hollywood beauties also caught my attention. As host, Jon Stewart was no worse than David Letterman had been on an earlier occasion. Give Stewart another chance or two and he might do a pretty good job.

My son was sitting beside me for part of the show, and several times we turned to look at each other, incredulous at what we were observing. In each case, several individuals shared an award and then whoever got to the mike first hogged the entire allotted time. The other(s) were denied their moment in the sun. I have a real problem with hogs. Road hogs, sidewalk hogs, time hogs, name-your-personal-gripe hogs, it doesn't matter. Anyone who uses up all of something that is clearly meant to be shared really pisses me off.

Many Oscar winners will have their one chance at glory and that's it. If they don't get their time at the mike to make fools of themselves, they will never have the opportunity again. Someone who steals their few seconds of time, whether by bestowing on the viewers pearls of wisdom never ever to be heard again or by spewing the usual self-serving and moronic tripe, is inconsiderate and in serious need of a reality check. Paul Haggis (Crash) is from London, Ontario, near where I live, and on one of his excursions to the stage, he showed this sort of lack of judgment. His co-producer, or whatever she was, didn't have the chance to thank her third grade teacher, her hairdresser, or whoever else she might have wished to embarrass in front of millions of watchers.

I'm probably being far too critical. Bad manners seem to be rampant everywhere anyway, I guess I should be trying to learn to deal with that fact.

Or maybe not!


  1. It's un-freaking-believable to me how far out in left field these Helly-weird headcases are.
    FDR would have rounded these whack-jobs up for the anti-American rants and jingoism they were spewing last time around. Now, he's got to be spinning like a tornado in his grave at the mind-boggling stupidity of Dubya and the kool-aid drinking, neo-Com fabian socialists talking "war on terrorism" out of one side of their faces, and cutting ShadyPort deals with the enemy out of the other as they ignore the enemy within.
    As to the Oscars, the word got out the fix was in for the Bareback Mountain perverts, and the mealy-mouths in charge dropped it like a hot potato, so atleast something good came of it all.

  2. I liked two things in the ceremony, Sid Ganis 's speech and penguin's sound made by Luc Jacquet team. I would say it was inspiring.

  3. I haven't watched an Oscar telecast in about 15 years. I don't understand the appeal of shows where rich celebrities dress up, read boring speeches, and give each other awards.

  4. It is indeed a silly process and, generally, a complete waste of otherwise valuable time. I must admit, though, to a fondness of pulchritude which, sometimes, makes me overlook the banality of it all. Of course, even then, my cynical side pops up on occasion, as it did with this last viewing of the Oscars when I said to my son while gazing upon Charlize Theron: "What a waste of a beautiful face and body."

    Vacuity is alive and well in Hollywood.