Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Where, oh where is my camera?!

Jessica Alba came to visit me last night. Actually, she only appeared in a dream, if you really must know. I can't imagine why she would show up in any dream of mine, but there she was -- no makeup, wearing a 1950's style dress, helping in the kitchen to prepare a meal for other guests at my home. I have no idea what any of this means. Jessica is an attractive gal but not someone I would normally spend any time thinking about. Similarly, the other guests were people I would never invite to my home for a visit.

What the dream was really about was the antics I went through to find a way to prove that Jessica Alba had been at my home. In real life, I had taken my digital camera to a repair shop, so in my dream I decided that I should purchase a disposable camera to photograph Jessica. The fun started when I was out trying to find a camera and, inexplicably, beer for my guests.

I have always found my dreams to be immensely entertaining, sort of like watching movies while I sleep. They are extraordinarily detailed, vivid and often bizarre. Many of them are what I call frustration dreams. That is how I would characterize the Jessica Alba dream. No, it's not because I wasn't engaging in a carnal romp with her, the frustration was in trying to accomplish the goals I had set in my dream. When I eventually woke up, I had found neither a disposable camera to photograph Jessica nor the beer to slake the thirst of my other guests.

All of us face many frustrations in our daily lives. We all deal with them somehow. Some people, like me, internalize the frustrations. Some people get rid of their frustrations by lashing out at whoever is handy, thereby simply transferring them to someone else. My frustrations are dealt with via my dreams. When I awake, I am refreshed, thanks to dreams in Technicolor and Surround Sound, featuring people I might never get to meet in real life.

I guess the more important issue is, what I could possibly have to be frustrated about? Any problems I might have are trivial at best. My friends and relatives would point out that I am not the most patient person in the world and that having to wait for anything frustrates me. Irrational behaviour frustrates me. Much of our lives is spent waiting for something to happen or for someone to do something. Much of our interaction with others involves our having to deal with irrational behaviour on someone else's part.

I dream to purge my frustrations. How do you deal with yours?


  1. How do I handle frustrations?
    As my mentor Confucious would say,
    "Man who goes to bed with problem on mind, wakes up with solution in hand"
    Well I guess there's some ancient wisdom which still applies.

  2. Damn, Bill: You look a lot like Brian L. Bex!
    I only remember two dreams I ever had, and both of them were nonsense. I think they mean I shouldn't have a lot of pizza and beer before bed.