Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Still, it will never take a village

I was listening to some old Paul McCartney songs today, from his 'Wings' era. I have always been an avid Beatles fan and believe, as many others do, that neither Paul McCartney nor John Lennon produced solo material as good as their Beatles era songs. Yes, I am fully aware that the lads wrote songs largely independently of each other, even while in the group. It must have been the intense competition between them and the stimulation of hearing each other's songs that caused them to excel as songwriters for the Beatles. Listening to McCartney's solo stuff today just reaffirmed my beliefs. The songs are melodic, catchy, cute. But... they lack punch and depth. The only Beatle who really went on to shine independently was George Harrison because his talents had been largely overlooked in the Beatles days.

Sometimes, we benefit by having others around us, to challenge us, support us, keep us engaged. Lennon and McCartney sure did.

I caught up on some blog reading today. A post by Penny, at Cat on a Hot Tin Roof eloquently chronicles how things can change in relationships as we settle in and get comfortable with friends, lovers, spouses. The edge, the excitement, the thrill of being together, diminishes over time, even if the underlying emotion doesn't. Penny's very personal observations and comments on her relationship also reflect what goes on in other types of relationships. In any situation where human beings interact with each other, the pattern is the same. The intensity diminishes. It is just the way things are.

Still, we all seek out someone with whom to share our life or sometimes several someones with whom to share various discrete facets of our life. Even yours truly, unrepentant hermit that I am, likes to have people around, as long as I still get to spend most of my time alone. My wife and son are used to my solitary ways and recognize that just because I am in the room doesn't mean that I am actually present. My mind is often miles or even light years away. After reading Penny's post, I thought a bit about her observations and decided that I should perhaps try to stay in the present just a bit more. We each need something from each other and I don't want to be completely unavailable when I am needed by my wife and son.

Thanks, Penny, for your insights.


  1. This is a very interesting and insightful post. Thank you.

  2. I just read this and I am happy to have read it.