Monday, June 14, 2004

The Slaver Factor

Drivel abounds in the many blogs of Cyberia. Anyone who thinks he or she has something to say, whether there is value therein or not, individually spills thousands of words onto collectively millions of cyberpages and those browsing the cornucopia are challenged with the task of finding something actually worth reading.

This blog of mine is a case in point. I write what is important to me. It may or may not strike a sympathetic chord with someone else. It may, in fact infuriate some readers. I don't care. That is the nature of free discourse. As long as I am not libelous in this medium, I can write basically what I want. You can read or not; that is your choice.

I frequently peruse various other blogs to see what is being discussed elsewhere. Many blogs contain a lot of very personal stuff, essentially daily diaries of the bloggers. This is sometimes interesting, sometimes boring beyond belief, but always, I imagine, therapeutic to the authors of the blogs. Writing as a way to express and ameliorate frustrations is certainly better than some alternatives I can think of.

Some blogs are very interesting and even attract a large readership. One favourite of mine is Vox Popoli by Vox Day. Vox writes well, has opinions on everything, and is often right. Vox also appears to have acolytes who hang on his every word and action and who appear to live their lives vicariously through his. Their comments on his blog entries are often amusing and sometimes very interesting. In any case, his blog is worth a visit. Be prepared to have to think. Remember, thinking is good!

Overall, I think that blogging is beneficial in a larger, global sense as well. It gives us all a way to find out what others are thinking, in a way never possible before. This knowledge gives us context, something I have always maintained as necessary in order to be able to make informed decisions about anything.

So. Keep on blogging. Above all, have fun!


  1. Where have you been? I have been looking for your input since the lesson you prepared on political concepts for your young son. I appreciate you taking the time to introduce my cynical alter ego in "Micromouse". So you are opinionated. So what. You say it like it is and that is what makes Vox's ruminations worth considering. If you consider yourself "a throwback" gawd help us all, when you find your real voice. I check your bloglist daily. I'm sure there must be a gang of atavist supporters who refuse to comment for fear you might be in an attack mood. Is that barking I hear in the distance?

  2. It's all posturing, William. I'm a pussycat at heart. Really. Roarrrrr...