Friday, June 11, 2004

Ronald Reagan, R.I.P.

Now that he's gone, it is interesting to me to see the wide gap still evident in perceptions of Ronald Reagan as both man and politician. Widely loved by many who admired his charm and consistency, he was also despised by those who saw the policies which sprang from those same principles as threatening.

Mr. Reagan had barely left us when the vitriol began to flow from his enemies on the left. Get a grip, folks. It is with great sadness that I admit to the world that the left is winning. So stop whining! Why is the left winning? I don't get it. Since Libertarianism holds many of the same policies that are popular to the left (in the area of individual liberty,) while upholding the best policies of the political right (economic freedoms,) one would think that the left and the right would disappear. Nope.

There will not be another Ronald Reagan soon, certainly not in my lifetime.


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