Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Pecking for fun and profit

I was standing at my kitchen window a few days ago, watching as a finch repeatedly pecked away at a floor mat my wife had left on the deck to dry. The bird was trying, without much success, to pry away a few fibers with which to build or line its nest. Picking up blades of grass or other detritus suitable to its intentions would have been much easier but the allure of clean, white threads made the bird willing to work so much harder.

We humans are like that, aren't we? When we are motivated by desire for something we really want, we are willing to work ever so hard and long to get it.

Or at least that is the way it used to be.

I think that these days we are so much into instant gratification that we want everything right now. Usually, the only way for many of us to get something right now is to borrow money or make a promise to trade something of equal value in the future. Our perception then tells us that the scales are no longer balanced; we have want we want now but we are paying for the thing well into the future and are usually paying interest for the privilege of instant gratification.

I prefer to buy what I can afford, pay for it and forget about it. The resultant peace of mind makes the wait worth it.

This weekend, I am off to Panama again. I'll be gone two weeks. There is a lot happening on our Roca Milagro project and I can't wait to see the physical changes since I was there last, in February. Two of my Canadian friends and partners are coming along and a good time will be had by all.

I am in discussions with friends and associates to form an investment syndicate some time in September or October with the express intent of investing in Panama and other Central and South American countries. Most of what we propose to do will be land banking but we may also be interested in purchasing hospitality businesses or residential rental properties. I don't know yet what the buy-in will be to participate in our syndicate, probably $50,000 or so with ongoing monthly contributions yet to be determined. If there is any interest in this beyond the core group of investors we already have, we will consider extending the opportunity to participate to others.

I hope to take a lot of photographs while in Panama and will post what I can when I can.

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