Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving for our American friends, and I would like to wish everyone a wonderful holiday. These are uncertain times on our tiny globe and although we never know exactly what our future will bring, we still have much to be thankful for. I am thankful for all the great people who drop in to see The Atavist regularly, even if most of them never actually say hello. Everyone is welcome here, and I appreciate the fact that people from the United States and around the world read my words.

We in Canada have already had our Thanksgiving, back in October. I am tempted to hop in my car or on a plane and impose on a friendly American somewhere who would be willing to share a turkey feast with me. Any offers? Hmmm, maybe that wouldn't be such a good idea. My wife might wonder where I disappeared to, and my son wouldn't have his daddy around to torment. Maybe I had best just wish everyone a perfect Thanksgiving, filled with laughter and friendship, and I'll try to conjure up that turkey feast in my dreams tonight.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. I'd gladly have you over to my place, but it's so freaking small and cluttered, you'd have to go outside to change your mind.
    Still working on that little excess-elimination project mentioned earlier, and am going to see if the holiday season will help me in finding suckers...I mean organizations to take all my perfectly working but obsolete junk.
    Would you lend me a page from your playbook so I can have a "garbage sale"?

  2. I'm sure any time spent with you would be a treat, Galt, regardless of the size of your digs.

    You don't want to draw on my experiences with garage sales, Galt. We had one this past summer. We took all of our personal junk to my office which has a huge parking lot for all the hundreds of cars that would come to check out, buy, then haul away our erstwhile treasures.

    Half a dozen or so cars showed up. Then it started to rain a bit. Then the rain stopped. Then a few more people came. Then it poured rain. Then we gave up. A bunch of stuff got soaked and had to be thrown away, more stuff was hauled to the local thrift store, and my warehouse is still packed with crap that we had hoped to get rid of.

  3. hehe... gentlemen, I will soon be adding the last (hopefully) of my life's clutter to a THIRD dumpster!
    If I throw a celebration when this is done, you will both be invited.

    Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes!

  4. It is cold here today, Jean, and any excuse for a celebration in Florida would be tempting.

  5. Sieg, you and your lovely wife and beautiful child are elcome to come by and enjoy our Thanksgiving feast. We'll set the table.

  6. Catmoves: I'm checking flights out of London, Ontario, right now ... sunshine, great food, and excellent company are impossible to resist.

    Seriously, now that you have had a moment to recover from the potential horror of having an opinionated Canadian as your guest, I love your part of the world, or at least as close as I have been to it (Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado) and I love great conversation with thinking individuals.

    Enjoy your family and friends -- we'll be there with you in spirit!

  7. It would have been fun sharing a feast with you! I can imagine that there would be no lapses in conversation, and lots of pleasure enjoying the food.

    Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times because it lacks commercialism; it is what it is: a time of giving thanks for all our blessings. Thanks for the well wishes to all your American friends.

  8. Thanks Bellezza. I hope that you had a great time. Happy shopping tomorrow. Shoes, right?

  9. "Baby needs a new pair of shoes!"

    Actually, the dread of crowds will keep me away even from those. :)

    However, Saturday...

  10. Drats, I missed your TG post what with all the stuffing madness going on at the Rat. Since you're already booked with Catmoves for next year, you might as well do the rounds of our 'neighbourhood'.

  11. I have often thought, Lin, how much fun it would be to meet some of the bloggers who get to know each other mostly by what they say in this medium. There would be many interesting conversations, for sure!