Sunday, October 07, 2007

This is no blonde joke:

Ron Paul Girl - Register Now! - video powered by Metacafe


  1. I"m not republican, but this is a good ad campaign with some valid points.

  2. If I were an American, I wouldn't be a Republican either, nor would I be a Democrat. Ron Paul is philosophically a Libertarian, although he sits in congress as a Republican. He has the cleanest, most honest, most true to the Constitution voting record of any congressman or senator and he is literally one in a 300 million.

  3. I'm not sure that this is the answer. If the goal is to beat Hillary, everyone should be backing the strongest candidate. You see, if anti-Hillary people succeed in getting Ron Paul in, some republicans may vote something else (or not at all, and very likely a certain percentage would), giving Hillary an even better chance.

    They would be better off voting for the Commie party. and escape the "shame" of registering as a republican.

    In any case, the last two US elections have been nail biters. 2008 will likely be the most important election in terms of finding out what people really want, as well as the direction things should go.

    Should be interesting...

  4. trooper,
    Don't like being the one to break this to you, but it doesn't freaking matter who you vote for, if it's someone other than Ron Paul: The result will be the same, by and large. The Communists took over the Democratic Party in 1968, and have slowly been assimilating the Republicans into the collective since 2001.
    I don't think Ron Paul has a chance in hell...If we buy that tired old bait-and-switch dreck about "the strongest candidate" - which at this point is HITLERy.
    She can't get 50% of the vote, unless her Papist backers set up a rope-a-dope like Perot was for her husband.

    BTW: What odds are you giving that, if she wins, "$3 Bill" commits Arkansas suicide, like so many of their other friends have?

  5. Ron Paul, as Galt suggests, has virtually no chance of actually being elected. Also, as Galt states, the elephants and asses parties are not so different from each other.

    My hope is that is enough people actually vote for Paul, it might send a message saying that the people are fed up and want less government. Voting for Ron Paul is unambiguous. He tells you exactly what he believes in and what he will try to accomplish and his voting record is evidence that he sticks to his philosophical libertarian roots.