Friday, October 12, 2007

So Ist Das Leben

C'est la vie. That's life. So ist das Leben. Shit happens.

I've been a bit preoccupied again lately and am not having much time either for writing blog posts myself or much reading of others' blogs. I am dealing with some niggling business problems, nothing serious, but nevertheless time consuming. That is part of being a businessman, or I suppose, of being a garbage man or someone on Britney Spear's staff -- cleaning up when someone makes a mess.

I explained to my son years ago, after he had told me that he wanted to join me in my businesses, that he would have to start at the bottom, to do the crappiest jobs, to do things no-one else wanted to do. What did cleaning toilets have to do with becoming a business owner, he asked. Plenty. It helps you keep perspective and to understand that every job in the organization is important and that it has to be done by someone. More importantly, it is symbolic. It is a way of getting to understand that when you are in a position of authority, you are responsible for everything that happens in your watch, and that you must be prepared to deal with it, good or bad.

So, for a few days, I am negotiating, writing and reading long letters and emails, and in a few days the problems will be solved. I ain't complaining, folks. Life is what it is and whatever happens, we have to deal with it. There are lots of real problems in the world: hunger, disease, war and so much more. At least I don't have to deal with that.

So ist das Leben.


  1. Not to worry - we know what curve balls life can throw at us all ... we'll just check back from time to time but not forget about you if your tasks take longer than expected.

  2. Mr. Pedde,
    You appear to this blogger to be the kind of fellow who could fall in a vat of excrement and come out not only smelling like a rose, but looking polished and prevalent over the experience.
    I await proof of my suspicions with growing delight!

  3. Thanks, Lin. Things are almost back to normal. And Galt, thanks for your kind words, and the first good laugh I've had in a few days. I feel sometimes like an overpaid pooper-scooper, cleaning up situations that should never have occurred and which, while I may not have been personally responsible for creating them, I nevertheless have to deal with because they fall under my jurisdiction.