Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A Musical Interlude

If you are a fan of Yngwie Malmsteen's guitar work, or if you enjoy Johann Pachelbel's Canon, go here now. The nameless kid playing the guitar in the video sends chills down my spine. Crank up your speakers and be amazed.

Wow. I wish I could play like that.


  1. Wasn't that from Bill & Ted's excellent adventures?

    Regardless, if that kid is really doing what it looks like he's doing (is the percussion coming from his pc?), then he is a axe adonis!

    Thanks for posting that! Inspiring! (I just got a fiddle.)

  2. Canon on the electric guitar??!! That sounded pretty good!

  3. If you enjoy this sort of guitar playing, Yngwie Malmsteen's Concerto Suite for Electric Guitar and Orchestra in E Flat Minor Op. 1 is a must addition to your music library.

    Penny: Are you taking lessons, or learning on your own? I had a violin when I was about 10 years old but hated it. Stupid me. I love violin music now, even the rock stuff by players like Vannessa Mae. I never learned how to play properly. I gave my violin to my nephew and it is finally getting some use and he does a good job with it.

    The guy in the video is playing along with recorded background tracks on his computer. There is really great software out there for multi-track recording on a computer. I use software called 'n-track,' and it is incredible.