Thursday, January 26, 2006

Oh no, not Rosie O'Donnell too!

What is it with all these Hollywood airheads? Now Rosie O'Donnell is in on the act, stating in a recent interview that she and all her gay friends would move to Canada, presumably to protect us from a sinister right-wing government, if Stephen Harper and his Conservative Party were to be elected. Well, Harper was elected, so I guess Rosie and friends will be arriving soon.

Yes, I know that her threat is as empty as was Alec Baldwin's purported promise to leave the United States if George W. Bush were to be elected president. Then George W. Bush was elected, but Baldwin is still pontificating and bumbling his way through bad movies from his home in the US. No, Rosie won't leave her home, whether to move to Canada or anywhere else.

In fairness, Rosie's preoccupation appears to be with whether our new Conservative government might modify its official position on same-sex marriage. I really don't care who marries whom, at least in civil marriages. Churches should, naturally, have the right to make their own rules about religious marriage ceremonies. My preoccupation is with limiting government. We have enough left-wing nutcases in Canada already and both Rosie and Alec should stay at home. These two, and many of their Hollywood friends think that government is the answer to every problem, large and small, and that is why I wish they would just shut up. No, actually, I don't necessarily want them to shut up. I just want them to read a book or two and think before they speak.

The thing about opinions is that if you have enough of them, occasionally one or more will have merit. I have opinions. You have opinions. I don't want to be shut up, do you? If I can air my opinions in this forum and elsewhere, then Rosie and Alec should similarly be able to speak their minds. They aren't wrong about everything. No-one is. I just wish they were right more often. It is painful sometimes to read or hear some of these people express their opinions. I watched Rosie in a television interview as she sputtered in indignation about Canada's newly elected 'Republican' right. Our conservative party is actually called the Conservative Party, Rosie, we have no Republican party. Am I splitting hairs? Sure. I knew what she meant. Still it is difficult to take anyone seriously if they don't have a clue.

The one leftist American celebrity I actually enjoy listening to occasionally is Mike Farrell. I rarely agree with anything he says, but he states his positions eloquently and usually with grace. Perhaps I shouldn't be so critical of Rosie and Alec and some of the other celebrity dimwits. Maybe they are really a boon to the cause of reason, to limited government, to individual responsibility. Maybe, on listening to these goons, some people will say to themselves: "Wow. That made no sense at all. What a moron."

I can dream, can't I?


  1. Yes, I suppose it's great these Helly-weird non-geniuses can spew their dreck: It reminds everyone that with liberty comes responsibility, or more accurately, the consequences of that liberty exercized without it!
    Rosie and Alec wouldn't last 5 minutes in Canada. As many strange folks as you may believe reside there, I think - from the fine ones I've met visiting the U.S. - their penchant for empty-headed-emotionalism based overreaction would make them intensely unpopular with the locals.
    They also would not care for having to part with so much of their easily-acquired filthy lucre!

  2. _A subtle correction? They wouldn't last five minutes outside of Toronto's Yorkville.