Monday, June 20, 2005

Splat. Boys and Girls - Vive la Différence

A Father's Day Card From My Son Posted by Hello

Do you believe that boys and girls are essentially the same 'inside,' and that their personalities are not somehow inextricably intertwined with their very obvious physical differences? It has always amused me when our social engineers have told us that the differences between the sexes are the result of the environment they live in and not some sort of hard-wired brain circuits that make males behave one way and females another.


It's true that we don't hear this nonsense much any more, at least not as much as in the seventies and eighties. Thank goodness! I used to wonder if any of the people who promulgated this dreck had children. I wondered if their own prejudices, their desire to homogenize the human race, might not have caused them to influence the outcome of, or their interpretation of, studies on the subject.

Who but a boy would put 'Splat' on a Father's Day card and think it entirely normal and appropriate. Who but a father would understand completely what the son is trying to say?

Boys and girls are different. So what? Wouldn't it be a boring world if we were all the same?

Boys and girls - Vive la différence.


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