Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Like That One-armed Paperhanger...

Like a one-armed paperhanger... that's how busy I am. I'm not complaining, though. It's good to be busy. Make hay while the sun shines, right?

I'm working on an outline for a financial calculation program for my software company so programmers can follow it as a blueprint. I'm also working on an advertising and marketing campaign for my courier company to begin in September, on our 37th anniversary. 37 years! Where has the time gone?

I'm trying to get everything on my to-do list done before I go on vacation for a whole month, beginning mid-July.

My wife and son and I are going to the good ol' U.S. of A. We will be flying to San Francisco, renting a van and then driving south to the Mexican border, east through Arizona and finally up to Salt Lake City from where we will fly home. Thirty-one days of catching the sights and enjoying American hospitality. It will be a blast.

I can't say that I am looking forward to the inevitable airport delays, but aside from that inconvenience, it will be a fun trip. I have spent many happy vacations in many American states. I have almost always been treated helpfully and respectfully, sort of the way that one might treat a customer. Oh yeah, the U.S. is a (sort of) capitalist country, isn't it? That is one more reason to introduce capitalism everywhere, the sooner the better, before the loons kill it off forever.

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