Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The Mogambo Guru At His Best...

You gotta love a guy who can write about investment and economics without putting you to sleep. Richard Daughty, aka The Mogambo Guru , can do that. Below, a snippet from his latest article at the Daily Reckoning:

'The problem with raising interest rates to cool inflationary fires is that it can initially cause inflation to accelerate, which seems paradoxical to me. But then again, almost everything seems paradoxical to me, mostly because I am a real stupid guy. But by way of explanation, I ask the rhetorical question, "What price do I have to charge for my widgets if I pay one percent on my financing, and how much I have to charge for my widgets if I have to pay twenty percent on my financing?"

And the reason why this is a rhetorical question, and thus not requiring an answer, is that it ain't my freaking job to figure that crap out, because my job is to be the Big Boss and Capitalist Swine, where I strut around like I'm some kind of hot stuff, and I make everyone work like dogs around the clock, and I under-pay them, and I constantly exploit the working proletariat trash, and trick them, and systematically cheat them every chance I get, because every dime I can screw out of those hateful morons, slackers, malingerers and thieves goes right into MY pocket, which only BEGINS to pay me back for the sheer aggravation of having to spend my precious life dealing with human workers, whom I call "trash" behind their backs ("Hahaha! Trash! Hahaha!"), and they caught me a couple of times, and then I answered their concerns about demeaning their dignity as both workers and as human beings, and in my usual calming and reassuring way by ordering them to get their fat butts out of my office and get back to work or do I have to get out Mister Baseball Bat Of Employee Motivation (MBBOEM) again?'

If you are wondering what our economic future in North America is likely to be, read the rest of the article. It is worth it.

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