Friday, August 20, 2010

Geezers with Guitars

(Paul and I playing at the Thorndale Acoustical Music Club.
Photo by George Barnett)

I love playing my guitars. For about three years, I have been jamming most Wednesday evenings with Paul Pedersen, another guitar player. He responded to a ad I had placed captioned something like: Talentless Geezer Seeking Jamming Partner. He was still living in North Bay, Ontario, but had taken a job in London, where I live, and thought that answering the ad might help him get to know someone here and that as a lover of music he might have some fun as well.

The relationship has worked out well. We started playing mostly old songs from the thirties and forties with an occasional inclusion of something a decade or two younger. Once we got to be comfortable with each other and our respective playing styles, we started bringing original material to our sessions and found that we were each able to enhance the other's work and soon we played more original material than anything else.

We are slowly starting to record some of our original songs, all instrumental, at a studio of a new friend of ours named Kent Thorburn. Unfortunately, we all live somewhat hectic lives and getting the time to record is difficult.

Paul and I call ourselves Geezers with Guitars and I have created a website and a FaceBook page under that name. I will slowly be adding recorded material and to start there are a few representative compositions of both Paul's and mine and also our version of a song called Sweet Dreams by Don Gibson. Have a look/listen on the Songs page of the website if you are interested. Remember, we do this for fun, not with any great desire to wow anyone. If you like anything we do, send a comment to us from the Contact Us page of the website. That way both Paul and I will see your comment and will be (hopefully) encouraged. Don't forget that we are old and feeble and that any negative comments might be perilous to our health ;-).

Life is all about having fun and this part of my life is a lot of fun.

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