Friday, August 01, 2008

Another one of life's great puzzles

Cattle eat grass, right? Or maybe the occasional leaf or other vegetable matter, or perhaps some prepared feed designed to fatten them up. But have you ever seen a cow eat a survey stake made of PVC plastic piping? Not I.

The cow above is chewing on one of those survey stakes. So were many of its friends and neighbours in the herd. We had let some cattle on our Panama land to keep the grass down during road construction but the exercise, instead of netting us some extra cash in grazing fees, lost us a chunk of cash. Yep, we have to pay a surveyor to replace all of those stakes at the corners of each building lot and along the roads. The damn cows even ate lot markers, little plastic signs telling us the number of each surveyed building lot. So, the cattle had to go. I wonder if they got indigestion.

We have all heard the 'grass is greener' cliche, but these stakes weren't even on the other side of the fence, nor were they green.

Maybe cows really are as stupid as the many jokes about them make them out to be.


  1. I guess these types of animals lack a certain ability to distinguish edible and non-edible items. I've heard that goats will eat insulation (once they gnaw through the wall), so this isn't too far off.

    There's not even a business idea here. I don't think "PVC plastic fed" beef would sell as well as beer or grain fed.

  2. I suspect that PVC has a higher IQ than the cows. One of my partners suggested that perhaps there was some deficiency in the cows' diet (like salt, for example) and that the cows somehow felt that they might get that missing ingredient based on the smell of the PCV. Beats me.

  3. That is really strange.
    Never heard of anything like it before.

  4. The survey stake looks like a cigarette. Hee.