Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Vince Miller

My friend Vince Miller is in the hospital in California with what was originally thought to be pneumonia but is instead coccidiomycosis or Valley Fever. He is on a respirator and not doing well.

I met Vince in 1973 or so. We met in Toronto around the time the Libertarian Party of Canada was formed and he has been involved with causes of individual liberty most of his adult life. He now heads the California-based International Society for Individual Liberty. He is a man of many accomplishments and someone I have always been proud to call friend. Virtually every Christmas Vince makes the trek from California to London, Ontario, to see relatives and he always spends a night or two with my family while he is here.

So, Vince you old rascal, get off that damn respirator and get well. Chrystyna and Zachary and I have a room for you again this Christmas and a couple of bottles of wine with your name on them. You have hundreds of friends around the world and every single one of us is pulling for you.

I want to hear some good news!

For anyone who drops in here and who knows Vince and/or his work and wants to help out with a donation, go here:


  1. here's wishing Vince the very best.

  2. Thank you, phlegmfatale. The last news is that that he is on some sort of antifungal medicine which takes several days to kick in and so there is no change yet.

  3. Here's looking forward to his full recovery, and another holiday time with friends!
    Good to hear from you once more, though I wish the circumstances were better.

  4. Thanks, Ted. We're all waiting to hear the latest on Vince and to see if the anti-fungal medicine he was given is working.

  5. I had a friend in PHX recently inform me of Valley Fever and his serious childhood run-in with it so I am hoping that Vince comes through it without further problems. Go Vince!