Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Here we go again . . .

My friend Karen Selick has published an open letter to Canada's Minister of Justice, about another friend of ours, Marc Emery, who is being targeted by the frightful might of the United States for selling marijuana seeds to Americans. An extradition hearing has been scheduled for January 21, 2008, and Marc faces quite probably the rest of his natural life behind bars if he is extradited to the United States -- for something that is largely ignored here in Canada. I don't do drugs of any kind personally, because I think it is silly to do so, but still wonder why this should be such a big issue in one country and not so in another. Why not leave the poor guy alone and hunt up some murderers and rapists and child molesters instead? Better yet, put all the politicians in jail instead, for polluting the atmosphere with all their hot air, and for bankrupting us all.

I know it is foolish of me to expect any sort of rational behaviour by government and enforcement officials anywhere, but wouldn't it be nice if once, just once, someone in power made a reasonable and humane decision about something? Should we hold our breath, though, while waiting for such a miracle?

Perhaps if we had fewer morons running things, and less idiotic legislation controlling us, fewer people would find it necessary to light up, shoot up, or drink. Just saying.


  1. Absorb the oxygen and don't hold your breath. Having blurted that out in my voice of the cynic however, I also must say that I have read some very rare news bits about bureaucracy exhibiting rational thought. I think they are just trying to give me a coronary however and don't expect to to become a contagion any time soon.

    As long as I don't have to support them, I don't mind people doing stupid things on their own time and dime. I would say legalize it and reap the taxes as they do on every other 'vice' currently but that would likely contribute to further government largesse rather then tax relief for the already staggering masses. I adore Mr. Paul and would trust no one else with this decision.

  2. Lin: I agree. Legalize the stuff, colelct some taxes, and wipe out an entire class of criminal behaviour. American jails are already packed with every manner of individuals convicted of essentially victimless crimes. Who are the realk victims? I think someone who has to spend even a single day in jail for doing something that harms no-one else is the real victim. I also agree with you that if you call the tune you pay the piper. If something you do makes you ill. The taxpayer should not be responsible for anyone who, by his own foolish behaviour, harms himself.

  3. Atavist, Lin always has the right answer it seems to me. (Don't let her read this. There'll be no gettin' along if you do.)
    Unhappily, we have entered an idiotic stage of having "Zero Tolerance" pronouncements. It seems to me I learned many years ago that there is NO absolute black and white where human beings are concerned. Consider our pop stars who, shudder, have to spend 5or 6 hours in jail for DUI.
    And it seems to me America has been fighting the "War On Drugs" for more time than all our wars' lengths put together. Maybe it's time we surrendered?

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  5. Barb,
    WTF does that have to do with the topic?
    I think the politicians are scared that someone other than them is going to have unrestricted access to "da chronic" and worse.
    I like the Canadian thing about a "vote of no confidence"; it's long overdue in the U.S. as is mandatory referendums on tax increases, wars, and constitutional amendments.
    Better yet, how 'bout a government reset button, that would be just as good as a revolution, only without the bloodshed? When we notice things in the Crapital getting FUBAR, we just hit the little red button on the keyboard, and reboot.

  6. I agree with Catmoves that the War on Drugs will never be won. In the meantime, governments are pissing away billions of dollars and countless hours of manpower that could be better applied elsewhere.

    Barb: Get a life.

    Galt: A government reset button in every home. I love it. And I think they should actually be labeled FUBAR. Wouldn't that be great?

  7. You know, it's time the American public faced and dealt with the fact that the war on drugs is a shell game, largely a waste of law enforcement time and a tremendous drain on the public coffers. I'm dismayed to think of the felons who perp'd violent crimes who were released early because of crowded prisons which are full of people serving time for minor pot offenses. *much eyerolling here*

  8. You're absolutely right, phlegmfatale. Just think if all that drug war money and human resources were deployed to actually doing something useful.

  9. Looks like you are experiencing what is known as comment spammers!

    I agree that governments should legalize at least the mild drugs, like all the cannabis based ones. They really are less lethal than alcohol anyway.

    And the US government, if it had the ability to learn from its mistakes (which it clearly does not) should know that prohibition was a disaster that simply led to organised crime and an underground economy.

    Looks at the Netherlands, it sure didn't turn to chaos and there are no deaths from marihuana as far as I know.