Thursday, October 04, 2007

I will miss them

There are a lot of 'liberal' or leftist cartoonists out there, but there is a dearth of editorial cartooning available from the 'other side,' presenting politically conservative and sometimes libertarian points of view. Cox and Forkum (John Cox and Alan Forkum) did just that, admirably and interestingly, but will do so no more. It's a pity. Drop by their site and say goodbye.

I will miss their association and their insights.


  1. These guys have shown what powerful messages can be put into a drawing. Like the one you have above. Direct and to the point, and revealing the true meaning behind the words.

    I bought one of their books for a friend a few years ago. Should probably get one or more for myself, to show my support. Not surprising they're moving on... I don't suppose it's really big business. Their views don't suit as many people as, say, Calvin and Hobbes.

  2. I've bookmarked their site. I have a talented cartooning friend on the Left Coast, I love his skill but his messages leave me thinking "What planet?"

  3. Following Matt Drudge's lead, methinks.
    The genuinely conservative see the HITLERy/UNfairness Dogma/"VERBOTEN by order auf Der Schtaat!!!" handwriting on the wall, and are taking cover or packing their bags and trying to arrange a one-way exit from "The Homeland Security State" before the bars slam shut for good on 21JAN2009.
    The gathering storm approacheth...