Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Preparing for a curve ball?

I was swimming underwater, slowly sinking deeper and deeper. I could see everything around me, as if somehow sunlight were able to permeate the sea, even to the depths where I was and beyond. I had no problems breathing, even without any special apparatus to help me. It was just me and the water.

I felt serene and completely at ease. I knew I was swimming to my ultimate death, but I didn't care. It appeared to be getting brighter and brighter the deeper I got. I reasoned that I must be swimming to somewhere wonderful and that when I passed out of this world, I would be entering into another, better world. It felt good.

As I enjoyed the sensations of the warm water on my skin and the increasing brightness as I descended ever further, I had one thought that didn't quite fit into the overall mellow tone of the situation: I wondered why, as I was using the breast stroke to pull myself ever closer to my eventual but inevitable transition, I was wearing a catcher's mitt.

I woke without knowing the answer to that one.

My dreams sure are a lot more entertaining, and certainly cheaper, than going to the movies.


  1. I could tell you some of the shit I've dreamed, but you're better off not knowing...It'd keep you awake nights.

  2. I hear you, Galt. I've always looked at dreams as sort of a mental clearing facility, where the mind purges itself of accumulated nonsense and frustration, without any apparent consequence or repercussion. People with creativity and imagination, I suspect, have weirder dreams than average.

  3. Hmmmm.. I'd like to know why you were wearing a catchers mit as well.

  4. A dream?

    That's one of my nightmares! Can't stand being under water. I won't even open my eyes under water if I don't have to.

  5. I can't swim worth a darn above water, but love to swim under water. When we had a pool, I would spend much of my time swimming around near the bottom. I love the sensation of being completely immersed.

  6. I love to float for hours and hours. Hmmmmm.....