Monday, August 20, 2007

Back from the Liberty Summer Seminar

On our way to attend the Liberty Summer Seminar in Orono, Ontario this past weekend, it was interesting to me to see the sign displayed in the photograph above. I had never heard of the Rural Revolution movement before, but it just goes to show that many of us have just had way too much government in our lives.

My friends Karen Selick and Marc Emery were speakers at the LSS event, as were Gerry Nicholls and others I had never met before. I'm glad I was finally able to attend (the seminar is in its seventh year) and hope to go again next year.

The American organization Bureaucrash put on a multimedia presentation and sold T-shirts. My favourite, captioned Capitalist Pig, wasn't available in my size, unfortunately.

Given the event's rather remote location, I was curious to observe several flyovers at fairly low altitudes, one by a chopper and one by some sort of enclosed super-light airplane. The pilots must have been attracted by the bright red tent under which we all sat to shield ourselves from the sun. Surely the authorities would have no interest in observing a bunch of peaceful idea-mongers, would they? Of course, with Marc Emery in attendance, and given how badly the American DEA wants him extradited to the United States, maybe the RCMP was helping keep tabs on him. In any event, who cares? We all had fun, ate great food, had lots of laughs, and enjoyed ourselves immensely.

There will be another LSS next August. Mark it on your calendar. Come on down. I'll be there again.


  1. Oh my ... I'll have to look up the land-owner rights orgs you have mentioned here. One day I will do a rant about having no rights when energy companies decide they have to put a well on your property. Some lucky folks at least receive royalties but some folks like us get nothing but some initial surface damage 'considerations', mostly by the grace of their PR concerns. As Rick the Welder would say "Seems to me that it is logical and only right to own your land as a wedge-shaped section right down to the core of the earth."

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  2. I signed a lease arrangement years ago, on a piece of property I owned, with an oil exploration company. It specified that in the event of a successful 'hole,' I would get royalties (and how they would be calculated) and that in the event of an unsuccessful drilling program, the company would have to restore the site to its pristine condition. I would have thought that this would be standard Are rights considered differently where you are? I agree that basically the wedge idea makes the most sense, but I know next to nothing about what is exactly enshrined in law, even here in Ontario.

  3. Wow - sounds really cool, flyovers and all.