Thursday, April 26, 2007

Walk the Talk Update

No, we're still not dead in the water. Our Walk the Talk project is still developing, slowly at first, as we decide exactly what it will be when it grows up, and how best to make that happen. Perry d'Elia and I met a few days ago and discussed the fact that while we liked the Walk the Talk name, it is suited more to the role of the benefactors and others wishing to help, rather than to those who will seek the services for the needy that we wish to provide. Perhaps, we thought, this should be sort of a two-pronged venture: One side, Walk the Talk, would be where people would go if they wish to help in some way, and the other side would be where they go to seek help, advice, or directions to somewhere that can supply the service they need.

That led us then to brainstorming for a name that could be used for the part of the site that would be accessed by those in need. Perry came up with a long list of possibilities and we settled on Hope Express. To each of us, that evoked images of a brighter future ahead, hopefully in the most expeditious way possible. With my desire to offer a 'hand up' rather than a 'hand out,' that name resonates with me with a sense of promise and direction. It is strong and direct.

Mark Jeftovic, of EasyDNS. com quickly secured the domains and for us and set each up to 'point' at the developing site now hosted on servers provide by Sylvain Duford. Nothing has changed with the site, so far, because we now want to plan a 'look and feel' for the site and decide how best to lay things out to give us the most flexibility as inevitable changes and additions have to be made in the months and years ahead.

Things will continue to move forward, slowly at first, as we seek focus direction. At some point, we will need a lot of help, volunteer help, and I will put out the word when we reach that stage.

I think what we are trying to do is a good idea. All my life I have heard people say that 'something should be done.' Now, it is time to do something. I have absolutely no clue how to go about this and it is not as if I don't already have enough to do. With the right help, the right advice, and a bit of luck, this can work. My friends and I are trying to Walk the Talk. We will stumble and fall, I'm sure, more than once. But given any sort of support and encouragement, we will continue to trudge along and hopefully many others will join us to create something wonderful and useful.

I don't like to fail, but this is not a one-man show. We will need lots and lots of help to make this into something that will allow some of us to Walk the Talk and some others to get on the Hope Express.

Stay tuned.

Addendum: Just after I posted this update, I got an email from Mark Jeftovic with the news that he is also purchasing the domain on our behalf from its current owner. Thank you, Mark! Your generosity is appreciated.


  1. Hope Express. Nice. Thanks for the update.

  2. I'll have something for you by the end of the week. Just to keep you updated.

  3. THanks, both. Things are proceeding very slowly at the moment while we determine direction and focus. Hopefully things will pick up steam when we get a little further along.

  4. I had to reschedule my meeting for this coming sunday.. it's coming..