Monday, April 23, 2007

One ring-a-dingy, two ring-a-dingy . . .

Like any good husband I try to share in some of the domestic chores. Yesterday, I volunteered to go do some grocery shopping by myself as my wife and son were occupied with various projects at home. My wife suggested that I take a cell phone in case they might need to reach me, so my son lent me his. I slipped it into a pocket in my jeans and away I went.

I was just a block or two from my home when my car developed a barely discernible shimmy or vibration, and I spent a few moments trying to narrow down what the problem might be. It seemed to me that the vibration might be under the car seat somewhere, then realized that while the seat did not have a vibrate feature, my son's cell phone probably did. I pulled the phone out of my pocket and answered it:

Me: Hello

Son: Hi, Dad. I just wanted to tell you that the phone is set on vibrate and it won't ring if you get a call.

Me: I noticed. How do I set it to ring?

My son then proceeded to give me a list of instructions that, naturally, I promptly forgot.

After we hung up from each other, I started to press buttons on the phone in the order I thought he had instructed me to and suddenly noticed that I had inadvertently initiated a call. I looked at the display and realized that I had dialed the latest number to have called the phone I was holding. The latest call had come from my son, using our telephone at home. Rather than simply hanging up, I let the phone ring. My wife, who is named Chrystyna, answered:

Wife: Hello.

Me: Millie?

Wife: Ha ha.

Me: You sound different.

Wife: Well, I'm not Millie. I'm her twin sister Molly.

Me: Hmmm. That's every man's fantasy, you know, twins . . .

Wife: M & M

Me: Huh? Oh... M & M. Good to eat.

Wife: Yeah.

Me: Well, I'm just calling to say that I won't be able to come to see you today. My wife won't let me come out to play.

Wife: I understand. But I'll always be here for you anyway.

Me: OK. Bye Molly.

Wife: Bye.

I laughed the rest of the way to the supermarket. It's nice when your spouse has a sense of humour.


  1. My husband calls them W W's. He is currently having an affair with our egg lady that I encourage because we get free eggs. Actually she and I are friends. Then there was Zelda the bull washer when his work took him to Spain a lot. Oh and I must not forget the paperboy that I would tell him I would have to send on his way when my husband would call to say he was on his way home or whatever.

    Thanks for the chuckle.

  2. I hide all of mine in the closet.

    I believe a good sense of humor is key to survival. My husband, bless him,is funny, too.

    Thanks for your comment.

  3. That post Atavist, made my day. Very, very funny. I was in the car with you guys...

  4. I needed a good laugh today. Thanks for providing it.

  5. Thanks, all: Sometimes we all need a 'silly' break and a good laugh. It's refreshing to see that others also have humour in their lives. These days, we certainly need it!

  6. Isn't it amazing how there's all this talk about the right to privacy while technology has made it highly-possible to be annoyed and interrupted anywhere, anytime?
    I have one of those from work. I have to carry the damned thing all the time. If it were not necessary for that, I would not own one other than for emergencies.
    For all the bulk and inconvenience, two-way radios are by far my fave, because you don't have to have them on all the time: YOU CHOOSE whether to be available.