Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Another Walk the Talk Update

There was a flurry of emails going back and forth last night between Mark and Sylvain. They worked together to point the domain http://walk-the-talk.org to Sylvain's servers where the Walk the Talk websites will be hosted. Thanks, both of you. You have done a great job.

We're not stuck with the name Walk the Talk. If we come up with something better, and a corresponding domain name is available, we'll snag it. Actually, it is possible to have multiple domain names pointing at a site, I believe, so we can pretty much do what we wish to do in the future.

I am speaking this afternoon with another friend who I hope will consent to do up some graphics for us and provide some insights based on his years of experience with non-profit organizations.

I'll keep everyone posted.


  1. I left town so have been a bit out of touch (no Internet). Did the mail group get set up? What do I need to do? Thanks and it sounds great and THANKS again!

  2. Hi, Julie: We have a Yahoo Group set up at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/walk_the_talk/.

    The site (in progress)is at: http://walk-the-talk.org/.

    We are having meetings now to decide how to lay out the site with graphics, etc., and how to start getting content entered. I will keep everyone informed via my blog and the Yahoo Group. Soon, we will be needing lots and lots of help, once we have the basics laid out.

    Thanks, Julie, for your interest!