Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Aliens Are Coming. Maybe.

I had one of 'those' dreams last night. If I said the preceding sentence to my family members, they would know exactly what I was talking about. 'Those' dreams, in my case, invariably means dreaming about alien invasions of earth. I have been having these dreams for decades.

I find dreams to be immensely entertaining, even the really, really, scary ones. I lose myself in the action, much like suddenly finding myself in the middle of a movie shoot, and try to make the best of the situation, whatever that might be. To me, it is always about trying to figure out what is going on, then finding a way to keep myself and/or my family safe. These dreams , generally, are filled with lots of action.

The alien invasion dreams are unique though, different from all the others. They all start out in much the same way. I look up into the sky and notice something unusual in the distance. It comes closer, and I realize that it is not of this world, either because it is completely different from anything else I have ever seen or is some sort of weird adaption of something I might have seen here on earth.

The dreams are eerily silent. After I get a visual fix on the first object in the sky, others gradually appear. Each is different. I see them all in incredible detail, often to the point of seeing welding seams and individual rivets in the construction of spaceships or other objects in the sky. Soon, the sky is filled with hundreds of objects, all different, gliding by overhead, and as they get closer to my vantage point, dread starts to build in me. That is when my survival instinct kicks in and I begin to plan ways to thwart the invasion or sometimes simply to escape from immediate harm.

As I thought about my most recent dream on the drive to my office this morning, I realized, for the first time, that there appears to be a pattern in the dreams. The first dreams were of ships bearing troops, and the equivalent of what we might consider to be fighter planes if they were to appear from another galaxy. Successive dreams were of transportation vehicles designed to be used on earth, but of a construction from another world somewhere. One dream, for example, had hundreds of boats and ships of many different designs, all different from anything on earth, gliding in from space and landing on a huge body of water. Some crashed in the process, in a spectacular and quite unsettling fashion. There were also personal conveyances, things that might be akin to cars and pickup trucks by comparison. See the trend? Invasion, then settling in for the long haul, then what?

The trend continued in last night's dream. Floating high overhead, by the hundreds were many more vehicles from afar, many of which appeared to be farm machinery. The machinery was like nothing I have ever seen before, but I could tell that one particular example I focused on in the dream was some sort of combine. Now, it appears, our visitors are settling in for the long haul, and are preparing to raise food, perhaps things unknown here on earth and are bringing their own equipment to help with the task.

As I watched all this unfold in my dream, I was aware that someone, a male unknown to me, was standing beside me. He was afraid, and I told him, over and over again, in a measured and quiet voice, that everything was going to be fine, that he was not to panic, and that he should remain calm. He stayed beside me and appeared to try to do as I suggested.

As we stood, I became aware that individual aliens were dropping down out of the sky, silently, without any visible means of keeping them from falling and crashing to the ground. As they floated down towards us, I noticed that they were largely human in form but were thin and elongated. As I strained to see more detail of these individuals, small packets resembling plastic 'baggies' started falling from the sky. Each baggie held several small objects somewhat resembling those black 3" bolts that are often used in construction. The packets appeared to have been simply dumped overboard from the space craft above, and in keeping with our physical laws here on earth, plummeted to earth and landed with noticeable 'splat' sounds on the ground everywhere. Keeping from being bombarded by these objects became the main focus of the two of us watching this drama play itself out around us, and my preoccupation precluded my noticing anything more about the visitors from elsewhere, their conveyances, or anything else.

At this point, my son appeared beside me. He was a bit edgy but calm. He looked at me and I knew, without his saying a word, that he would be calm and focused, and that we would deal with the situation somehow and preserve our freedom. I certainly wouldn't want to be in a situation where some inter-galactic freak was in a position to tell me what to do. I get enough of that from bureaucrats and politicians and assorted busybodies here on earth. But you knew that I would feel that way, didn't you?

I have often expressed to my son that one of the most important things about surviving the human rat race was to keep your wits about you at all times and, most especially, to be calm when everyone around you is losing their composure. I think he has learned that lesson well.

One particular alien floated down towards us, and just as he got close enough to see in detail, I turned towards him and woke up. I didn't see what he looked like.

Damn. That would have been so cool, to see what my mind would have come up with as it painted a picture for me of our alien invader. It would have been the first time that I saw one of my dream aliens that close. Maybe in my next 'alien invasion' dream I will get to see one in more detail.

What do these dreams mean? Nothing. I have an overactive imagination. I have always dreamed in Technicolor and Panavision with THX sound thrown in for good measure. The dreams are fascinating to me, but they are dreams, nothing more. No portents of things to come. Still, I wonder. What about the dream that I had several years ago? I wrote about it, in a 'Dear Zachary' letter to my son, here.



  1. I used to have recurring dreams that started similar to yours. the beginning of every dream was the same, like tv episodes.... There was a lake, actually it was the one in the painting that hung over Oma's couch, and everything was silent and still. Then a ripple appeared in the lake, and then a crocodile emerged. Every dream was some variation of trying to escape the crocodiles. Strange eh?

  2. I guess we have a goodly dose of Oma's genes, Jasmine. She was a prolific dreamer and I remember as a boy listening to her tell tales of dreams she had had. Could be worse, right? She was a special woman in many ways. It's too bad that you never really got to know her when she was young and vibrant.

  3. You have very interesting dreams. Aliens. Invasions. All kinds of cool technology. Who needs science fiction? LOL

    I'm fascinated by people who have recurring dreams, especially those dreams that have a theme like yours. Mine are always just the mental equivalent of a core dump.

    Although lately, I've been studying lucid dreaming. Interesting concept.



  4. I had some troubling dreams way back in the 1970's that scared the pants off me, and I made the attempt to master lucid dreaming so that I could control the dreams and avoid the nasty stuff therein. Before I became adept at it, the dreams stopped and I gave up. The concept has always interested me though. Now, I look upon my dream experiences much like going to a really bizarre movie, and enjoy the ride. Best of all... it's free!

  5. what a terrific letter to your son...and you know, i do think dreams mean's the psych major in me.

    free therapy.

  6. My husband dreams the most amazing dreams like you, very vivid, detailed and entertaining. I love him to recount them for me. My favorite so far was one where he lost his marching band!

    I have recently started to consciously think good thoughts when I go to bed instead of the usual beating myself up of the past. It has had a very positive effect on my dreams.

    I had the thought somewhere in the retelling of your dream that you were concerned about being able to protect your son from the "alien" world out there, before you mentioned that he was standing beside you.

    I enjoy and never miss reading your posts.

  7. Thanks, Jen and Luckyzmom.

    Losing a marching band? That's hilarious! His dreams sound like fun adventures.

    I look upon dreams as sort of a mental clearing house to purge frustrations. Whether that is psychologically 100% valid, I'm not sure, but it sort of makes sense to me.

    One thing for sure, I always enjoy going to bed, because I am never sure where I am going to be and what I am going to be doing in dreamland.

  8. I had the same dream since I was a child, always the same. A old railroad building and a child perfect inside as I was closer to the building i could see a perfect childs bedroom but the little girl disappears.

  9. Interesting, Rachel. Dreams are fascinating, whatever the topic.