Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Wild Bill Johnson

In my 'thinking blogger' post earlier today, I left out one thinker from my blogroll. He needs more than three or four lines to describe, so I thought I would make his mention in a new post. I am referring to my friend William Johnson.

Bill is an interesting chap with an interesting history. If I call myself an antique and a fossil and a geezer, I don't know what that would make him. He has walked the earth a lot longer than I. I suspect that he might have firsthand knowledge of the big bang, and that he should be able to provide anecdotal accounts of just about anything that has ever happened in the universe. Yes, he's that old. And yes, he has that great a memory. One of the things that astounds me is what this guy can remember. His recall is amazing, especially to someone like me who can't remember anything.

I met Bill years ago when my company made digital versions of his novels, beginning with "Arcana." He had written several novels at the time, and finished another in the months after we met. He is also a successful artist, after earlier careers in the Canadian Air Force and as an art teacher. I hope I have his drive and concentration when I reach his age, sometime towards the end of this century.

Bill is not only a thinking blogger but a good friend and and a great guy as well. I just hope that he has a good sense of humour too, especially after he reads this post.

Bill: I hope you hang around for another century or two because the world needs more people like you.


  1. Another one to check out....
    Atavist, I've wanted to ask you something...after my El Sal trip b/c I studied a bit about Panama, and am going to start the Manuel Noriega, America's Prisoner book. I am wondering what you think about the US involvement during the Torrijos / Noriega times. Perhaps it's too much for a post, let alone a comment.

    Have you read Confessions of an Economic Hit Man? Also touches on it, again, am wondering your take.

    i mean, in the spirit of thinking, and all.

  2. That would be a very interesting post, if you get the chance.. :)

    I read Confessions.. and would also be interested in your take on that book. If you haven't read it yet, take the time! You'll be glad for it.



  3. harder to resist, Atavist friend.....?

    Chani, what did you think of COEHM? I thought it had pluses and minuses..but the minuses were about the author's ego/decision making and not about the subject matter. that intrigued me.

    Alrighty then, Mr. A. enough using your spot for a back and forth.

  4. Good subject for a post, the whole Panama thing in the larger context of America as an empire. Not much time for reading right now, but I will see what I can do. And Jen you can use the comments as you wish. I always like a good dialogue.