Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines Day

Rather than do all the mushy stuff like giving gifts of chocolate, flowers and jewellery, my son and I instead wrote lengthy letters to my wife for Valentines Day, telling her how much she is appreciated and why. Sometimes, nothing says 'it' better than words.

My wife and I laughed aloud at the ending of my son's letter:

"I love you, Mom.

... your greatest achievement."

Pretty cheeky, eh?

The rest of his letter was charming and funny, and had all the right ingredients to both please his mother and make his Daddy proud.

Maybe there's hope for him.


  1. That is the best present ever, Atavist. Ever.

    It is inexpensive, biodegradable, easy to store in her heart and her album, reusable ~ every day, every year or any time she wishes to remember your thoughtful initiative and your giving kindness. And, it's priceless. It's what every woman wants.

    I wonder if I'm overcompensating with all my red and pink and boxes. Probably. ;)

    You win the best gift prize, by far.

    And, your son! What brilliant, confident wit!

    Your family sounds wonderful! I love to read about you and your family.

    Happy Valentines Day, Atavist!

  2. Thank you, Penny, especially for not pointing out that I could just as easily be considered a curmudgeonly tightwad with no imagination.

    You're very kind. I hope you had a great Valentines Day with your family.

  3. There is no better present than a hand written note. I'm sure my son's still composing his...:)

    Happy Valentine's Day to you.

  4. Actually, I think that's pretty cool! Naturally, I would! I write letters like that to friends on my birthday. Just little handwritten notes that say "thanks for sticking around".