Thursday, February 08, 2007

Dreaming . . .

I usually bounce out of bed in the morning, eager to face the day. Today I woke up, rolled over, and went back to sleep. It's that kind of a day. It has been that kind of a week. It is so damn cold and bleak here in Ontario that bed seems like a pretty good place to be.

I hate waking up to alarms, but that is what happens here at home if I fall back asleep. My wife's alarm goes off and I am shocked into consciousness, often at the best part of a dream. I'll leave you to imagine the sorts of dreams that I might not like to be awakened from, but I will tell you a bit about today's dream. Just as the alarm started its annoying beeping, I had received a real estate listing from an agent, and I was looking it over to see if the home in the listing might be suitable to buy. It was in Kentucky.

What did the dream mean? Probably that it is just too cold here and that Kentucky has better weather. Who knows? I'll never find out. I got out of bed, drove my son to school and went to work.

Tonight, when I enter my dream cycle, I am going to tell that real estate agent to get lost. Sure, I love Kentucky and have spent a lot of time there over the years. Still, why waste valuable dream time pondering real estate investments or even warmer climates? I am going to find something else to dream about, another way to keep warm. I'm thinking, perhaps, Katherine Heigl.

Why not? In dreams all things are possible.


  1. if you are going to dream, my Atavist friend, then dream big.

    she's a mighty fine choice.

  2. If you happen to see Matthew McConaughey in your dreams, would you send him over to mine? Thanks ;-)

  3. Yes, I know the feeling (details on the blog).

  4. So:

    Jen is off to el Salvador. It's warm there, right? It's a good place to follow a dream, or at least not freeze to death while you are dreaming big.

    And Laurie likes McConaughey. Can't blame her. I like him too, but probably not in the same way. He is more masculine than some of the other Hollywood males and that's OK by me.

    Galt-in-the-box was 'goin' fishing' for a bit, so I didn't expect to see any posts by him or even have him drop in. Nice to hear from you, Galt. I don't think you are getting away from the cold where you are, but you are getting a change of pace. That is good too, sometimes. I hope everything works out for you.

  5. I think many people had similar weeks. In Illinois the temperature was -7 on Monday, only rising to the double digits on Friday (at a whopping 16). The kids have been inside for recess all week, and I for one, would like to join you in your back to bed thoughts. Well, in our own beds, respectively, especially if yours has Katherine in it.

  6. I can understand not wanting to get out of bed on the gloomy days. We had temps in the 60's, Fahrenheit - sunny and lovely - at the first of the week. Then, it dropped down to the 40's and rained. Today, upper 40's to low 50's but it was sunny and perfect, chilly air aside. We went out to hunt for hawks and I got some terrific pics. I'll be dreaming of large birds, I think.

    You should make a jaunt to Mississippi. Winter is quite nice. Summer is endless and miserable.

  7. Belleza: I actually prefer brunettes, so perhaps we could send Katherine home early... !)

    bookfool: A jaunt to Mississippi would be wonderful. I love the area, but am almost afraid to see the damage that was done last year along the Gulf. I checked out your hawk pic. Beautiful! And your other photos are great too.