Saturday, November 11, 2006

Remembering those who died

It is Remembrance Day today in Canada, and Veterans Day in the United States. The picture above, taken at the San Juan Capistrano Mission in California on my trip last year, seems appropriate to the occasion.

Many brave men and women have died, in so many wars, just or unjust, right or wrong, and today is the day to remember their sacrifice.

There is so much evil and misery in our world that, as we remember those who have died in past wars, we can hope that there is a brighter and more just future ahead.


  1. Amen, well said.
    With the ersatz-war that's happened in the Middle East, and the ersatz-appeacement that's about to come out of the even-MORE-spineless Congress we've elected, it's good to know that there's still a possibility things can turn around for good.
    Political structures - the legitimate cause of most of the wars in history - are rarely capable of coming to the best solutions. One can only look for the good, and find the most ethical ways of benefitting from it.

  2. Let's hope.

    And, Galt, you ask on another post about using the photographs I post. Please feel free to use them. I put them up in the large format for that very purpose, so if anyone wishes to use the pix for wallpaper, please feel free to do so.