Thursday, November 16, 2006

It's a Small World

It seems that I have found a long-lost relative. More accurately, it seems that he has found me through my website and this blog. The map above shows where he is from, an area in Russia called Volograd, near the Ukrainian border.

My father grew up in Siberia, and I knew that there were still Peddes in eastern Europe and in the former U.S.S.R., but except for some cousins in Poland, I had no idea where anyone was. Now I will find out.

I am excited about this. I am always curious about things from the past, and to be able to communicate with someone from a branch of our family that I thought we had lost forever, is thrilling. If I am correct in my analysis of the information Sergey has sent to me, we are related through my grandfather's brother August.


Sergey has already sent me a photograph of himself and I reciprocated. Over the next while I hope to learn more about him, his parents and ancestors, the area where he lives and so on. He works as an editor-in-chief for (I believe) some sort of electronic media company.

Another voyage of discovery for me to embark upon! Isn't the internet great?



    I can't wait to hear more!!

  2. I'm sure I will find more to write about as I find out more, Penny. This sort of thing would have been impossible or highly unlikely even 15 years ago.

  3. Oh, this is so exciting for you, atavist! It's like in the movies, practically. I can't wait to hear the story unfold, and how blessed you are to have relatives let alone "missing" ones from the past. It must be quite thrilling to discover more people with whom you share roots (especially from my adopted perspective).

  4. Our family fragmented several times with great loss of records, photographs, etc. but also with people fleeing in different directions during the European wars, different branches simply didn't know where others ended up. So this is an exciting event, yes.

    But you, Bellezza, were 'chosen' as an adopted child. Your adoptive parents actually wanted you and no doubt went to considerable trouble to get you. I have sometimes wondered about that, how it would feel and to what extent it really matters, as long as you are raised in a loving family. I haven't known many adopted people, but those I have known are, like you, well-adjusted and generally happy people.

  5. You're a sweet gal, Penny (am I allowed to say that, without being accused as being sexist in some weird way by the politically-correct gestapo-wannabees in our world?)-- I have been snowed under for a couple of days trying to catch up on 'stuff.'

    Hope to post tomorrow.

  6. Of course you're allowed to say that! LOL! You are a sweet man.

    Looking forward to your return.