Thursday, November 09, 2006

Does it matter that trees can't hug you back?

(Click on image to enlarge)

Nature is bountiful in its beauty. I love to sit and look at trees, rivers, the ocean, mountains, and so on, and marvel at it all. The scene above is of an area near Carmel, California.

The tranquillity and beauty of nature are on my mind today, as I deal with yet more examples of human stupidity. Given the historical record of humankind, irrational action is perhaps natural and unavoidable. Nevertheless, I can never understand, given the time that Homo Sapiens has existed, that we haven't learned to take actions that are consistently right and appropriate and honest, rather than their respective opposites. Nothing serious, folks, it's just someone I know doing things that puzzle me, and that make me wonder if the human race is ever going to advance much beyond our current state of development.

Thieves and charlatans and other miscreants are everywhere, my friends. And not all of them are politicians.

Excuse me while I go hug a tree.


  1. Oh dear, it sounds as if someone you know has misbehaved. And to think that my efforts at educating my students in proper behavior might all be for naught. It's disheartening to be lied to. Cheated. Misunderstood. Manipulated. Sometimes I look at adults' behavior and think, "This is no different than things eight year olds are dong in my classroom." Maybe one's behavior never changes. Or, rarely.

  2. This is not a big deal, really, in the larger scheme of things -- just a small deception inflicted by a sub-contractor on some of my employees, making them look bad for trying to be helpful and supportive.

    I can never keep myself from being surprised whenever someone does something like this. It isn't that any serious harm will result or anything like that, it just boggles my mind that some people will do something stupid even with the knowledge that will do them no good when it is inevitably found out.

    Values: You have alluded to the teaching of values and proper behaviour both in your comment here and elsewhere. Not enough people have good. solid, core values anymore. It's a shame.

  3. I came from BC. I am all about hugging trees!

    Did you ever see the bumper sticker, out east: "Hug A Logger. You'll Never Hug a Tree Again."

    Trees are great. They symbolize family and they are grounding. Love the trees in your picture!

  4. Don't recall seeing that bumper sticker, but do rememember the one from the Trudeau area when he screwed the west with his energy policy: 'Would the last person to leave (Alberta or Manitoba)please turn out the lights.'

    I really do love trees. I have yet to see the giant redwoods, strangely enough. I will, though, someday.

  5. I love nature, but what I feel for the globalist-driven, environ-MENTALLY ILL movement would not at all pass for affection.
    As to human behavior, it all comes down to character, which cannot be mass-produced in the classroom-factory, public or private. Character is home-grown, and depends largely - just like morals - on an individual's habitual choices.
    Far from a small issue is the fact our society is switching from one based on individual achievement and dignity, to one based on political favoritism and sycophancy, and we may be past the tipping point.

  6. I do think we are past the tipping point. Only some serious changes to the way we think and to the way we allow various special interst groups to drive everyone's agenda will stop this insanity.