Thursday, October 26, 2006

Sex and Violence

I was cruising my blogroll moments ago, as I try to do every day, and was interested to see a post by my friend Sylvain Duford in which he discussed a post of mine about, among other things, sex in the mass media last week.

Sylvain made the point that perhaps we should be more concerned about violence in movies and on television than about nudity and depictions of sex.

My concern is not about nudity itself. I have no problem at all with my son seeing nudity, male or female, on television or in movies. I certainly have no problem with observing nudity myself. Heck, I trip all over myself when I see an attractive woman in a bathing suit. Or a short skirt, a low-cut top, or blue jeans, or high heels. We're all born naked, aren't we? In a tropical climate, I would probably live in as few clothes as possible, maybe none at all, as long as my immodesty didn't frighten small children or animals.

I have no problem with sex either. Sex is great. The more the better. Remember that Beatles' song "Why Don't We Do It In The Road?" All I ask is that we answer that question by agreeing to do 'it' swinging from the chandelier, and behind drawn curtains, instead. It would be more fun, after all, and it wouldn't risk offending someone else.

That's all I'm saying. I don't think we should have censorship of any kind, but rather use simple good judgement and show some personal restraint. That includes understanding that everyone looks at things somewhat differently, and then being considerate by not subjecting them to something they might rather not see.

The real issue in Sylvain's post is that violence is depicted everywhere without any discernible outcry. I agree. Consider all the TV shows and movies that feature violent acts of some sort: assault, abuse, rape, murder. And much of it is shown in great detail. I think that we have become numb to violence in many ways. The violence that is shown today would have caused people to blanche or even retch not so many years ago.

So, Sylvain, I agree with you. Maybe that saying from the sixties still makes a lot if sense... remember: "Make love, not war?

That kind of fits.

I'm on board. Where do I sign up?


  1. Thanks for picking up the ball Sieg. I really think this is an important debate.

    Make Love not War, very appropriate, and a good reflection of my own thinking.

  2. I think that your comment about becoming numb to violence is dead nuts on. A friend told me that the original Psycho movie was never aired on television in the 60's because of its violence, and same with the Exorcist. Neither of which I can watch being a big fat baby over horror. Anyway, as to one seems to understand that the action is great, but all the more so when you're really in love. (How's that for a woman talking? Could I get any more cliche?) Some people seem to think sex is just another sport: play it (or televise it, or publish it) with no conseqences but one's own personal gratification.

  3. Intimacy between two people who are really 'connected' is special indeed. The problem is sometimes in finding that very elusive soul mate with whom to share that level of intimacy.

  4. 70% recent increase in upper-middle class teenage prostitution.

    Pervasive, unadulterated, objectifying sexuality + 22 hours average television watching + limited parental interaction + the message that money = power + status and the ability to add one plus one to make two.. sex for money = anything I want.


    Sex is taught to mean nothing, transpire easily and encouraged as a healthy, liberating, freedom of choice, like picking up a pomogranite instead of a pear, the next time you are in the supermarket. Clothing, cars, I-pods, Dolce & Gabbana = status and power and come by way of cash.

    Sex and Money are easy kindreds in an environment where values and morality have disintegrated (media).

    Why not?

    Selling an easy renewable commodity.

    Violence and Sex are equal in my eyes, in the way they are depicted.

    Forgiveness and Critical Thinking, Humanity and Problem Solving, Empathy, Mercy and Grace have given way to Retribution, Vengence, Abuse of Power and Graphic Violence.

    (morals of the church of satan.. not kidding)

    And then, we wonder why children pick up guns instead of standing up and 'using their words'.

    Our souls have been disengaged from our bodies.

    Kill Your Televisions.

    "The medium IS the message."

    This has been a PSA by one of your regular readers.



  5. Now, finding a soul mate. THAT'S the conundrum in my mind.