Monday, September 18, 2006

Back in Canada

I'm back in my office. It's 4:00pm, and I appear to be almost caught up with my email. I've sorted the snail mail that still needs to be dealt with. I've been to the chiropractor for a tune up. I even had an extra large cup of Tim Hortons coffee this morning. Yep, I must be in Canada.

It's nice to be back. But I need some sleep. I pulled into my driveway at 3:15am and was at work by 8:00am. I spent a few moments with my wife and son, drove him to school, and generally got right back into my regular schedule. Regular schedules are OK, as long as they aren't too regular. There has to be a little variation. Some time off now and again. A different route to and from on occasion. Just some variety. They say variety is the spice of life, don't they? I think 'they' are right. By the way, when 'they' is used in this context, who exactly are the 'they' that we are talking about? I'm not sure that I have ever met them. And how do they know all the stuff they do?

Never mind.

I'll have much to say in the coming days, if I can remember it all, and if I can find the time to do some of my spectacular two-fingered, blog-posting typing. That, folks, is a sight to behold.

In the meantime, the picture above is of a Panamanian acquaintance of mine.

More soon.


  1. That bill almost look fake, as if it were glued on! Glad you made it back safely. Hope you're feeling better, too. Perhaps a Snickers bar is called for for your return?

  2. Feelin' great, thank you, ma'am. Hmmm... Snickers as a celebratory feast... yep, sounds good to me. Sign me up!

    Those toucans really are incredible, aren't they? They are so beautiful, and don't really belong in a cage.

  3. I love Tim Hortons coffee. Very bad for you, though.

    When I was a child and would come running in the door from wherever I had been, usually school, and would begin a conversation with my father, beginning with a sentence that included "they" as in "they say.." and "they said.." he would become enraged.

    "Who are THEY?!" he would demand to know. He wouldn't even hear about it, if I didn't know who 'they' were.

    I rarely let that slip then and I almost never do it now. I never knew who they were, exactly, but I learned to look for sources so that I could have my conversation heard.

    It's served me in that I've chosen to inform myself and not take hearsay as evidence, but everytime I hear that phrase I cringe.

    However, I learned as a defence when I was in my teens, to invent the following definition to which my father would nod cynically and then squint his eyes at me, but he couldn't refute it and so he listened, albeit cautiously.
    They: synonymous with "those that shared a societal common knowledge".

    So, to answer your question, "who exactly are the 'they' that we are talking about?"

    They're them. :)

  4. Ha ha ha. "They're them." I guess that answers my silly question.

    Your father is a wise man. You developed a wise outlook as a result that you will surely pass on to your own child.