Thursday, September 28, 2006

Absolutely No Absolutes?

Another idiot causes mayhem in a high school, this time in Bailey, Colorado. This sort of thing isn't news anymore, is it? Assorted idiots cause mayhem every day. We're used to it. We shrug it off and life goes on. Except for the innocent victims, of course, their life is gone. Gone forever. No 'do-overs.' No life, no marriage, no career, no kids, no grand-kids, no retirement. Nothing.

What is left behind, of course, is misery.

One girl lost her life in Bailey. Her family and friends will grieve. Before she is even laid to rest, the social engineers and other assorted busybodies will trip all over themselves blaming the 'tragedy' on insufficient government spending on social programmes, or some other such nonsense. The incident will blow over, except for those close to the victim, until the same thing happens again elsewhere.

These things don't happen because there is a shortage of government spending on social programs. They happen because kids are taught that everything is relative. Nothing is absolute. Let it all hang out. Be yourself. You can't help it, it's not your fault. You poor, poor person, we're just not doing enough to help you. Let us try harder.

What bullshit.

I have news for those morons who can't seem to see beyond their noses: There are indeed absolutes. Hurting or killing is wrong, unless it is in self-defence. Stealing is wrong, even if you 'deserve' those Nike sneakers more than the guy who is wearing them. And here is some free advice to anyone who has a pickle up their butt about life and how tough it is: Get help. Talk to someone. If your family members are too busy at the country club, or sucking back their daily quota of beer, talk to a teacher, a minister, a relative, a boss. Then, if all else fails and you decide you have to off yourself, don't feel that you have to take someone else with you. Just because you are such a sorry excuse for a human being doesn't mean that anyone else should suffer. Do the decent thing and honour everyone else's right to live out their lives, even if you decide to snuff out your own.

We live in a society where everyone is a victim. Nothing is ever anyone's fault. Until we get over this nonsense and start teaching our children that they have to be responsible for their actions and honourable in their interaction with others, things will continue to degrade.

It is time to put an end to this. The problem is that these attitudes are so firmly entrenched in our society that it will take decades to undo them. All the more reason to get on it today. Let's start with our kids. We have to teach them the differences between right and wrong, proper and improper, responsible and irresponsible. It's our job, as parents. Then, let's elect the proper people to our school boards and to local political office. That is where we have the most control. And let's lobby to get basic ethics taught in our elementary and high schools.

Let's punish wrongdoers. What kind of message are we teaching kids if they know that stealing a car or assaulting a schoolmate won't result in anything worse than a slap on the wrist? Let's make the parents responsible too. Kids don't become troublemakers in a vacuum. There is a pretty good chance that parental neglect plays a significant role in the lives of children who become troublemakers or worse. Parents can't deny some degree of responsibility.

These are complex issues, yes. There are a lot of factors to consider. Still, the fact that these things have become commonplace during the 'let it all hang out' philosophy of the last thirty-five years or so, tells us that we need to change some things back to the way they were.

Where do we start?


  1. A good place to start would be revoking the citizenship of the ringleaders of the ACLUnatics, the Trial Lawyers ASSociation, and all the other socialist, psycho-ILlogical scum that are rationalizing constantly that we need to hug the thugs, instead of punishing them.
    What about the parents of this little piece of probably Johnny-Reb trash that did this hostage-murder-suicide? Why aren't those people being arrested for criminal neglect? Same with the parents of the human garbage that let the "trenchcoat gangstaz" do Columbine?
    This kind of thing doesn't happen in a vacuum: There are telltale signs and dead giveaways to those paying attention/NOT buying into the PC, new-tone, walk by it bullcrap of our modern psychiatry.

    If punishment doesn't follow crime, there will be no disincentive to commiting it.

  2. I agree that there is a deeper, more fundamentaly problem at work, here. But, like the school your son attends, someone has taken initiative at the most basic level (installing breathalyzers at dances) and until we can approach these deeper problems as a society and find some resolution, I would suggest that there may be a way to combat the immediate threat.

    I am not sure I ever agreed with this before, big-brother and all.. but, cameras and metal detectors.. Or, I like that my daughters school locks all it's doors (after an elementary girl was raped in the girl's washroom this year after a man entered easily and waited in a stall) and students can exit, but no one can enter without a telephone call or having to walk in the only door left open - the one that faces the office (which is manned at all times).

    Either way, I suppose these tragedies will continue and someone hell bent on rape, murder, torture or terror will find a way, but as individuals and parents, we can petition to change the element of risk within our tiny little corners of our worlds.

  3. The pendulum sways, back and forth, and there will be a time when sanity will return -- until the pendulum swings back the other way again. Usually times of national or world-wide stress trigger vast changes in outlook and behaviour in the human population. Wouldn't it be nice though, if people would just think about what they did and the repercussions and consequences of their actions? A lot of nonsense and hurt could be avoided that way.

  4. I am an idealist trapped in a realists mind, too. :) It would be nice, I agree.