Friday, January 06, 2006


For the benefit of Vishnusaran, a new reader of this blog gifted with an enquiring mind, I would like to list some links pertaining to political philosophy in general and to libertarianism specifically.

To see, first of all, how one's personal philosophical views compare to those of others, an invaluable tool is The World's Smallest Political Quiz from the Advocates for Self-Government.

Two specifically libertarian sites of interest are:
  • The Philosophy of Liberty - This is a fascinating Flash animation that gets to the core of libertarianism.
  • Educational Pamphlet Series - from The International Society for Individual Liberty, these online issue papers cover a wide range of libertarian positions on issues of concern to everyone.
Also of possible interest to Vishnusaran might be the site of the Liberty Institute of Delhi, India. It has articles on issues relating more specifically to that part of the world as well as on things of more universal import.

Happy hunting, Vishnusaran!


  1. enjoyed it a lot. Fantstic one.

  2. You're welcome! I liked the animation too and it certainly nails the libertarian position in an easy to understand fashion.