Saturday, November 19, 2005

Tonosi, Panama

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Tonight, I am staying in a very nice little hotel, the Pension Boamy in Tonosi. Cost: $19.80 per night. The roads are generally good all the way down from Pedasi, except for the last 35 kilometres or so. Watch out for those potholes! The scenery is spectacular. There are mountains and valleys everywhere, and everything is lush and green after the rainy season.

The land Eduardo showed me this morning is definitely interesting. Several parcels he showed me are far too large for what I want. There is one parcel I like of about 35 Hectares, fronting directly onto the Pacific Ocean. Eduardo is going to follow up for me and we’ll see if it is affordable. I will have to wait until I get back to Canada to hear from him by email. Getting to the land was a treat. The last bit of the road was basically just a dirt track, muddy from all the rain. The little SUV I rented chugged right through a foot or so of muck without complaint. Great little car.

Dinner in my hotel tonight: $2.25, some type of charred fish and a bunch of fried discs, seemingly made of corn. I strolled through the town several times, apparently the only gringo for miles. No problems at all. Most people gave me a curious glance, then went back to whatever they were doing. Kids are everywhere on the streets, unsupervised. None were rowdy or impolite. They chatted or played quietly. There seems to be no fear of deviants preying on children here.

For someone tired of the treadmill, seeking a quiet, uncomplicated and affordable life, Panama seems to be pretty close to perfect.


  1. the fried disks are called plantians believe me ive stayed there before.

  2. Thanks, Anonymous. I have discovered fried plantain in the meantime and have become quite fond of it.

  3. it's called patacones in panama they are fried plantains in the carribbean islands(puerto rico) they are known as tostones... better learn that :-)